Links not opening in my mobile in Digest/ Abridged mail

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I shall be thankful if you have any idea as to how to set right the problem :  When I click (place my finger) to open the link it is showing a screen almost black with some arrow etc  at the bottom of the screen. I am providing the screenshots of the link before & after for providing a solution to the problem.
Thanks, ...
I am not aware of this as I am not using Digest or Abridged mail.
May be some other member able to help in the matter.

Any computer specialist in the group ? Please help me.
Did your problem get sorted out ?
Not yet ... Thanks for your concern. Great feeling.
I have no understanding about such behaviours of browsers.
Earlier, there was similar happening in computer browsers which is now not occurring, at least in my laptop.
I think such behaviours could be for limited time; and eventually they get straightened out.
Is it still persisting ?
Yes ... 
You can check messages at home page till your problem gets over.
Thanks ... for your valuable guidance and sustained efforts to help me.  Great !