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Adding efi site to your home screen on mobile

Recently I learnt how to keep efloraofindia site to ones' home screen just as we have for different Apps.
It saves me lot of time as I am its intensive user.
Here I give you the steps, in case you want use efloraofindia site on your mobile.
1. Open efloraofindia site in Google chrome.
2. Go to the desired page (if you prefer to open other than home page- like family page)  
3. In the top right corner, tap on the three vertical dots to see the options available. Select 'Add to Home Screen'. Give suitable name like efloraofindia or efi site or anything you feel OK. Click on ADD.
4. Your efloraofindia App is now ready for you to use anytime you like as other Apps.
For any queries, pl. write back to me.

Thanks and regards. The same will be very useful.

I did ! Great !

Thanks ..., Incidentally I was trying same thing today.. 

I have got this icon of efi in my mobile for last three months. I simply click there and enter the search option when required.

Thank you, ... Icon on screen is doing all that what we needed. Easily accessible, doing all what can be done with site as well as app.