Trees of Sahyadri

Shrikant Ingalhalikar is a name which needs no introduction here in the group. He is known for his superb field guides on Trees of Pune, Flowers of Kaas, Flowers of Sahyadri and many more..
He is now back with a wonderful and unique book which documents leaf based identification of Trees of Sahyadri..
More than 400 species are covered in this book, giving excellent and crisp images of the leaves. This useful book will certainly help every field enthusiast to identify trees even without flowers.. 
Having seen the contents in the sample book available in the link below, I can say that Shrikant Ji has done a brilliant work, with unique concept. The pictorial glossary at the beginning is quite helpful for even the novices and will make the journey through the book really enjoyable..
I congratulate Shrikant Ji on my personal behalf on completion of this wonderful project, which was earlier designed to be a hard bound book. Present circumstances have resulted in conversion of this project to e-book format. I hope that this useful publication reaches to every plant lover..
Here is the play store link:

Thanks, Shrikant ji, for the wonderful work.
Proud of Shrikant Ji. Congratulations
Thankyou for the mail. Ir really looks an excellent book. Thanks for sharing the link. Congratulations to Sir. Shrikant.
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Good news for tree lovers - Shrikant ji's new book is out in the form of eBook - "Trees of Sahyadri: Leaf-Based Identification for 400 Tree Species of North-Western Ghats of India" is available on Google Play Books.  Download now … presently at 50% price! The book will soon be on iTunes Connect, too.
Sahyadri, the northern Western Ghats of India is one among the few biodiversity hotspots in the world. Its unique location offers diversity of habitats from grasslands, scrubs and mangroves to deciduous, evergreen and swamp forests. The tree flora in Sahyadri is represented by over 400 species.
Identification of flowering plants is conventionally based on flowers and fruits. This system was evolved by the famous scientist Carl Linnaeus in the 18th century. Trees are difficult to identify since they flower for a short duration and the season varies. Leaves are omnipresent and reachable unlike flowers in the canopy.
This out of the box leaf based field guide offers quick and easy navigation for identification of 400 trees of Sahyadri. It covers 333 forest trees, 24 mangroves and 43 urban tree species ... read more at Google Play Books.
Best wishes to Shrikant ji for making available to us such easy identification field guide books !

Congratulations Shrikant ji for publishing this very valuable book for the benefit of Indian Plant Lovers.