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                                                    Energy Systems
                                            E.Grid Power  Wireless  Access                         
        VIA Energy offers wireless Smart Grid Access Modulesusing IEEE/ZB/R.F.
      compatible communications, with secure I-P network, data and control features,
      for intellige
                                                          Energy Control Systems
                                                         Utility Power Distribution                                            
                                                       Automated Grid Monitoring
                                                      Alternative Energy Integration
                                                     Power Grid/Network Automation
                        These efficient/wireless Smart Grid Access Modules facilitate the dynamic
                    optimization of: - Energy usage, Power allocation and Service scheduling, in
                    conjunction with automated:
                                                               Remote Metering
                                                              Demand  Response
                                                            On-Line Rates/Billing
                                                          E.Grid/Power Scheduling
                          By providing both Ulilities and Consumers with interactive remote access
                    to both wireless metering & operational parameters, these Smart Grid Access
                    Modules can enable the implementation of efficient AMI/NAN Meter Networks;
                    with remote IEEE/ZB/R.F. compatibility and optional WiMax/Gateway facilities,
                    for long-range E.Grid communications.
                         The scope of monitoring and control functions available with these wireless
                     E.Grid Access Modules include adaptive A/I algorithms for Energy Efficiency
                     management, plus remote status-displays and two-way/networking operability,
                                         Smart Metering                              Digital Controls
                                      Thermostat Controls                        Demand Response
                                    E.Grid/Energy Sensors                     Peak Power Limiting
                                  Transformer/LoadMonitor                 Power Source Switching
                                        Remote Gas & Water Meters              Grid Monitoring & Security
                            Individual pricing for these economical E.Grid Access Modules starts from
                        under $100., subject to options.
                            Typical IEC Industry Standard specifications and AMI features included with
                        the E.Grid Access Modules are as follows:
                         COMM:    AMI: IEEE/ZB/R.f.             FUNCTIONS:     Intelligent Metering  
                                         2-Way R/T 2.4 Ghz                                    Peak/Rate Response
                                         WiMx/Gateway Opt.                                   Programmed Options
                                                                                                          Real-Time  Monitoring
                       POWER:     Smart Energy                                             Adaptive A/I Algorithms
                                         Single or 3-Phase                                                                                       
                                                                                   E.PROFILE:     Identify, Basic, Time 
                        E-INPUT:   Battery Powered or                                                 SetPoints/Test/SetBack
                                           120/240/480 VAC                                     Demand Response/ Load
                      DISPLAY:  Power Status or Opt.                OPTIONS:     WiMx/NAN/Meter Gateways
                                           Graphic/ T-Display                                  Real-Time Rates & Demand
                                                                                                          Current and Power Delivered
                      PACK'G:    Water-Tight & Sealed                                   Analog / Digital I/O  Sensors
                                        NEMA/Mobile Encl.                                     SubStation/X'former Monitors
                                                                                                           Security / RFID Tracking/GPS
                                 VIA Energy also supports these E.Grid Access Modules with a full omplement of
                       engineering and development solutions for the customized configuration and the
                       implementation of advanced wireless Network Monitoring and Control Systems. 
                            Contact V IA Energy for an evaluation of your specific requirements on E.Grid
                     Access modules and controls or networking technologies, at:
                                              Energy Systems
                                                 Phone:       313/882-1133
                                                E.Mail:     iVIA@post.com
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