This is a collection of suggestions from classmates and ITDE fans.  This is a FAN PAGE.  If you want the OFFICIAL ITDE website, go here.

This collection is started to inspire someone (or Nova itself) to eventually show MIT, Berkeley and Stanford how to put videos on youtube.  We ITDErs have experienced the expertise of Schlosser, Simonson, Orellana, et al and we know what a powerpoint and lecture should look like.  UCBerkeley, it takes more than a camera on a tripod to make an online course....

By the way, by clicking on every link on this page, you will be increasing the youtube ratings of the Greats of ITDE, including Robert MacLachlan, still under 100 views as of February 21, 2012.  Let's get Robert "Teacherman" into 1000 views by 2013....
Here's what you can find on youtube for UCBerkeley.

The Instructional Technologies and Distance Education department at Nova Southeastern University has higher standards -- expressed in principles.

Nova University was a pioneer in distance education in 1970s when it offered distance degrees (the first in the USA) for principals to earn the Ed.D.

Nova continues to offer high standards for people who want ot become proficient in online environments.

ITDE maintains a list of "Principles" that might be called a "list of cool ideas that help professors do their jobs better" mixed with "General princples of ITDE"

Here are the GENERAL PRINCIPLES that I found at the ITDE list

Here is the link to Dr. Simonson's page

Here is the link to the GENERAL ITDE page


The Equivalent treatment theory

Examples by ITDE students

Robert MacLachlan

See the Truck:  "The delivery method is not important."  R. Clark (1983)


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This list is unnumbered, repetitive, and in no particular order.

The 19 / 16 rule
A sample of 131 instructors gave the 19 / 16 rule: 
a class size of 19 students "was perceived as optimal to better achieve the course's actual level of interaction and a class size of 16 was perceived as optimal to achieve the highest level of interaction."
Orellana, A.  (2009) "Class size and interaction in online courses" in The Perfect Online Course:  Best Practices for Designing and Teaching.  Information Age Publishing


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Ten Principles?
by Todd

The Truck

the Great MacLachlan TEACHERMAN
search;  "teacherman ten"

Robert MacLachlan