Instructions EDD 8008

Week Oct 16

By now you have been exposed to the main associations, journals, and conferences related to instructional technology. You should be looking for your nominee for the IT Hall of Fame, and you should have been connecting the readings and discussions to your own research agenda. It is expected that all these activities contribute to the main assignment of your EDD 8008 class, the literature review.

I have prepared a document with suggestions and an overview of the literature review activity that I think would contribute to your success. You can find it under "Course Content." Please read and let me know if you have questions or need further clarification. I have provided references to examples of published literature reviews that I am asking you to please revise and connect them with the document I have prepared. Examples 2 and 3 can be found under “Course Content” and can be used under fair use; hence, please do not distribute them. You should locate Examples 1 and 4 in NSU’s e-library.

If you have a sketch, idea, or topic, and you would like my feedback, please e-mail it via Course Messages sooner rather than later. Please do start this activity soon and work on it as you work through the other activities.

Regarding activities for this week, please

1. Read (for discussion 7), Saettler, chapter 12 and additional sources

2. View Class session 9, “Introduction to Instructional Design” that will be available no later than tomorrow. You must submit summary and reflections via the corresponding assignment dropbox by October 22.

3. Participate Discussion 6, “Soft Technologies.” Remember that the additional readings for moderation activities are available since last week.

4. Submit Activity 2: Professional Conferences

I should have grades for Activity 1, and Discussion 5 no later than Wednesday.

Please read Announcement “Activity 4: Hall of Fame, instructions,” and, of course, follow instructions :-)


Activity 4: Hall of Fame, instructions

Posted on: Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear students,
I would like to inform you that Class Session 8 will not be a graded session. Your class Session 9 will be worth 1 point (as opposed to 0.5) and will be available early this week. Please stay tuned. I have been "playing" with different technologies to get this presentation through... ufff...

Instructions for Activity 4, Hall of Fame, are available. PLEASE direct yourselves to the Assignment Area where there is a folder called Activity 4: An Instructional Technology Hall of Fame. You will find detailed instructions that you need to read and will be able to download if needed. Bear in mind that you will need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader to listen to the instructions that are contained in a PDF. You can download it at

Also, please note that there is Discussion Area to post your nominee. Note a list that Dr. Schlosser facilitated with the names of those who already belong to the Hall of Fame and, hence, cannot be nominated again. Please read the list carefully and be cautions and not nominate one of them.

Please keep these deadlines in mind:

1. October 29: Posting of Nominees via Discussion area.

2. November 3: Submission of PPT via dropbox assignment area.

3. November 3: Recording of presentation via Wimba classroom. NO LATE RECORDINGS!

4. November 6: Watching recorded presentation and Voting of favorite candidates via Nominee Voting area.

I hope everyone is OK with the deadlines that I thought were needed in order for us to successfully reach the goal to finalize Activity 4 by the established deadline of November 6.

I would expect that by now you have read plenty and have browsed journals and chapter that have given you a hint on who to nominate.

I also expect that you have started with the literature review. Please send me the topic if you are having doubts on it and would like my opinion.