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Hassles of the Online Experience

Here is a testimonial.  

Dr. Nottingham

I'm writing to say something nice about Dr. Lina Parra.

I am a busy teacher and I never thought I would ever have time to get an Ed.D., especially when I heard that a lot of the work is online, even registration.   I am blissfully living with ADHD -- it's a delightful condition, where the here and now is what matters, especially when I'm doing something that I love to do (working with teenagers, making websites, meeting with teachers to collaborate on visual and active techniques).  I feared that I would not be able to follow directions well enough to work in the online environment efficiently (when presented with a do-it-yourself set of shelves from IKEA, I ignore the instructions and try to put it together myself).  Written instructions are anathema and there are aspects of step-by-step sequential processes that dive me nuts -- how can we do this more quickly and effectively so I can get back to my projects?"  -- my wife thinks I should learn to be more sequential (a reference to the Gregorc system of concrete abstract sequential and random processing types -- great site at: 

Links on Abstract/Random/Concrete/Sequential

www.floatingneutrinos.com/Message/.../links_on_abstractrandom.ht... - Cached
May 30, 2006 – More Info on Abstract/Random/Concrete/Sequential, Links, & some very helpful TABLES. We first came across the information about this ...

My nightmare came true when I missed the deadline to get registered for Fall term 2011 -- I had to drive to Miami (Fischler bldg) and meet with a counselor.   It was all rush rush rush ... and I was coming with a directive from my dissertation chair:  "You need to start focusing on the ITDE core classes."

Well, I was surprised with the $10,000 fee this coming term (when I had paid under $6000 in past terms) and I was sunk when I saw the 5 credits for the Dissertation  process.  I was confused, because I thought that paying for Dissertation services meant I had to do something with the concept paper or whatever....  So I glumly accepted the situation that I had to take just Leadership simulation and the dissertation (11 credits).

When I told Dr. Simonson of the situation, he suggested that I contact Dr. Lina Parra...  and she walked me through (1) the dissertation is paid now and used later, so my current term does not need my time, so I can sign up for an ITDE class... and (2) she helped me on the phone for 5 minutes with  registration for another ITDE course -- online, patiently waiting for me to find the last seat available in EDD 8008.

Dr. Parra is a keeper.  Don't promote her.   Keep her in contact with students.   Too many schools promote the good advisors and teachers.   I look forward to contacting her whenever I have an ADHD moment and I can't figure out the online environment.

Steve McCrea

By the way, here are some of the pages from that Gregorc system.  If you haveing heard about it, it is worth studying.  I've shown it to students and "they get it" -- different learning styles deserve different ways of receiving and presenting information, as well as different methods of assessment.  Flies in the face of standardized testing....

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related by Daniel Morris, http://eighttimesup.blogspot.com/2008/08/steve-jobs-makes-ding-in-universe.html  


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