Highlights of EDD 7007

Highlights from EDD 7007

1. Meeting Teacherman (on youtube)
Learning the 10 points of T E A C H E R M A N
getting an email message from Robert MacLachlan

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O7iUiftbKU   how to sign up for a youtube account
Goal -- get every participant in EDD 7007 on youtube so they can click on Teacherman's videos.

Getting my tentative thesis topic (something about the History of Distance Education at Nova University 1972 to 1992, roughly)

Hearing the name Ovid Lewis again (he was part of the administration of Nova).  

Getting my blind devotion to constructivist (Piaget-inspired) techniques challenged
Receiving a reply from the author Kirschner.

Finding the phrase "From a Sage on a Stage to a Guide on the Side" in a research paper (1993)
by A. King.   

From Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side
Alison King 1993 College Teaching v41 no1 p30-35

Students learn by incorporating understanding of the subject into their existing knowledge base, and so must take an active role rather than being passively taught. The professor's job is therefore to facilitate learning rather than lecture. This article discusses several active-learning techniques that instructors can use to help students construct knowledge, such as think-pair-share, guided reciprocal peer questioning, jigsaw, and co-op co-op.

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Finally getting a handle on the various theories of distance education

Holmberg is a small egg in the center,
Moore describes more,
and Peters the Industrial model is the overarching grand theory.

As Moore puts it:

Holmberg's model should be seen as a lower level system nested wihtint the transactional distance system.  What TD refers to as "dialogue" Holmberg prefers to call "conversation," and the value added by his theory is the more detailed explication of some THOUGH NOT ALL of the dynamics within dialogue as defined in transactional distance.   ... The value of each of these theories is reciprocl, in that it is necessary to look from one to the onter as one pursues further understanding of their relationships at the macro and micro levels. (p.100, Handbook of Distance Education).

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