Week 1 Situation A No change

The City Council has to decide how to cover the deficit in the Police / Fire / Health (Social Services) department.

This situation shows no big change in the budget.    Click here to see SITUATION B  More Services

In Situation A "No change"
The city council could decide to protect surpluses and just wait...  To cover the $122,000 deficit in the Police and Fire Departments, 

The funding for the $300,000 investment can come from the Econ Development Fund (there is a surplus there of 1 million).

In this situation, the City Council passes on to the next City Council a surplus to handle future needs.


Under Situation A, with no change in funding levels, the Education department has to make do with $976,000.


Yes, the public transit situation is down to 96% and the projected population growth will probably worsen the public transit service, but 

The $1 million should be spent just handling the maintenance in infrastructure that is expected...

No budget increase is needed.


Under Situation A, some revenues can be raised by selling land.

How much land should we sell?