Period 6

Prep for Thursday night

Just a short note to touch base

1.  $120 million!  we ought to be able to do something with that.

2.  I did some screen shots of the education sector.   I don't know if they are helpful, but here they are:

NOTE, when I reduce the professional development, I get $1.5 million.   It might be something that you can present, Alex, as a way to save the day for Community Services.  eat away at education to prop up Community services.   We in Education sector have high numbers and we're admittedly focused on increasing our university numbers (8% of our budget has produced  99 points of quality, so it might take 10% to make 101 or 100 quality points = we just don't have the feedback to know... maybe it is overall dollars and not percentage of budget?)

Alex, another source of money might be Social services, since they might be able to drop some disaster quality and shift over to fire... or public health (to deal with 

We have to look at the possibility that education might need to be hit hard to release funds for community services.   79% in parks?   89% in utilities?   It sounds like a lot and community services  needs to have a "justification" for a huge increase.

I think the rationale is clear.   Commumnity services gave up A LOT of percent in city council in session 4 to help social services.  The results were good because we got good disaster preparation.   but I think it can be argued that community services needs investment in the aftermath of the hurricane.   The money might not be able to come from social services... since they have the public health problem...

so maybe 1% from Econ Devt and 2 or 3% from Education?

I wonder if a percent ($1.2 million) might come from Econ development?   With the rationale that we can rebuild our community by investing in community servicves?   

here are the slides from "what if" in the current education sector.   We can EASILY give up two percenter ($2.4 million) and more if necessary to improve community services...   Every $1.2 million is a percent to give back to the big budget.

1% inside our scenario is about $480,000, so pushing up 1% on university is  2 x $480,000 or about a million.

dropping teachers doesn't release a lot of money, nor does cutting our infrastructure.   We get more money by dropping quality of schools...  I think around $270,000 for one point in K-12 Quality  and so perhaps we need to release some funds by reducing prof development and quality of schools while sending money to increase universities and sending money to community services.

I think our goal might be to increase universities to 10%, which will cost 2 times 2% or 4% x 480,000 or about 2 million.

that might leave $2.5 to 4 million to send to city council...   something to think about.... depending on the needs of community services in response to the hurricane.   

thanks for listening.


Our starting status...   $6 million surplus.   But we want to increase the university quality... 


This is a WHAT IF we go to 12% for university...    8% x 480,000 ... it costs $4 million which is most of our surplus $6 million.