Period 3 Education

This is the step-by-step progres of the simulation for Period three.
Start on October 4

GO TO see what happened on Oct. 13

Notice that the four sectors add to 99%

We can add 1% if we want to get prepared for that disaster that is coming.

What happens if we raise the Environmental Standards?   Does quality of life go up?   What is the cost?

How do we improve our university?

For people who are NOT in Education, this is what happens when we increase or decrease one level of service ...

1 Elementary Teacher   =  $57,200
1 High School Teacher =  $59,438

1% improvement of Partnership Projects   =  $421,600 (approx)
1% improvement in Outreach Programs =  $421,600 (approx).

But could we do something better with this money instead of building a fatter university?    Should we create a reserve by not spending so much?

What is the best thing for the town?    We have $14 million in surplus.
Fellow citizens of our town, what do you want us in Education Sector to do with this money?
Should we beef up the University?  
Should we send the money back to the City Council?
(should we ask city council to take back some of the money they gave us?)


Education gets 45% of the town's budget. =  52 million.

Each percent that the town gives us =  52/45 = 1.2 million
Why not give away $6 million = 5% back to the town?

6% increase = (4% income raise, 2% cost of living increase)
$57200 = elem. teachers x 6% increase  =  $3432 increase  
                                       x 290 teachers  =   $ 995,280
$59400 = high school teachers x 6% = $3564   increase
                                       x 265 teachers =  $944,460

Do we need to have this money set aside for the future?  or is it automatically calculated for the next period (so that's why we sell enough land to cover that amount?)

Is it better to let the student-teacher ratio slip so we can buy a better disaster preparedness?  

Sectors meet:  Oct 3-6

City Council meets Oct 7-10

Sectors make final decision  Oct. 11-13


Period 1    sell 10%

Period 2   sell 30%

Period 3  sell 20  <<<<<  or sell 25%?  to invest in better preparedness?

Period 4   sell 20   <<<<<  or sell 25%?  to invest in better preparedness?

Period 5   sell 20            sell 10% in last period?

Period 6   last budget,  no land left to sell.    

In the sale of period 1, 10% got us 14 million.

In the sale of Period 2, 30% got us 41 million.

In the quest to get to highest levels of service, 7 out of 7, we can best communicate to each other what we look at.   What are the choices that Education has to make?

Professional Development
Number of teachers

University Pgroagms (a percent of our budget)

The problem of the university

Period 1      1%                    98 rating

Period  2      3%                  98 rating

Period 3       7%                  (100???)

Period 1      3%                   100 rating

Period  2      5%                  100 rating

Period 3       7%                   100 rating

So maybe we can get a higher university rating if we invest 9% in the universtiy programs.   Each 1% = $510,000.   So instead of investing 10% in university, let's go with 7%

There is a 9.8 million surplus if we go with 7% in the university programs.



The University has been lobbying for a while to expand the current outdated convention facilities in Centerville. Several options have arisen: 

Option 1

The University offers to build a convention center close to the main campus. The deal would be for the community to acquire the land and bequeath it to the University.     

Cost: USD 1,000,000  

Impact: This would be a rather convenient option to have a new convention center, but the community would have limited control over its use. Besides, its location is quite distant from the buzz of downtown Centerville. 

Option 2

A well-know hotel-chain has offered to open a posh high-end hotel by converting and refurbishing an empty textile-factory. For this proposition to be successful, the community would need to provide the building and land around free of costs. 

Cost: USD 3,000,000  

Impact: This is an expensive option that has received a lot of positive feedback. It is seen as an opportunity to re-vitalize the downtown area. Law enforcement strongly supports the conversion of the former factory site as it has become a favorite hangout for street gangs. 

Option 3

This option would involve transferring the current convention center to a group of private investors. In exchange, they would modernize the building.   

Cost: USD 500,000  

Impact: This option would have minimum costs, but would not add capacity as the current location has been criticized in the past due to traffic congestion. Large corporations could also mean additional business for training and other corporate functions. 

 Your Task 

The economy is well on its way. This is an opportunity for Centerville to make take yet another leap forward. Perhaps, at this point you could reflect and rethink your strategy, if need be. Here is a checklist:
Analyze the team goals and initiatives so far achieved. 

Compare the present situation with your team strategy. If you’re on course, that’s great! If not, analyze and re-align your strategy. 

What would be the effective and skilled approaches to achieve your goals? To gain the attention of the City Council and receive necessary funding, you need a plan. 

Here is an example:  Period Quality-Enhancement-Plan to improve the community of Centerville

Have a look to see what you have achieved so far: 

Period 1: $250,000 additional subsidies were granted for the Public Transportation System. The investment was a success. Your Community Services Report of Period 1 could have a great write-up as the coverage would have increased.

Period 2: Due to tighter and smaller budgets in your sector, and with the Education sector facing important challenges, your sector would need to increase the price of utilities to keep the investments.

Decide on your plan for the next three periods:
Would you like an efficient infrastructure system?

Can the downtown area have many more successful small businesses?

Could the community benefit from a better school system?

Should there be more law enforcement and less crime?

EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES (to give maximum leverage to Community Services and Social Services) plus the $3 million option... 
What if Education goes down to 37%?

What happens when the Environmental Standards are pushed up to level 10?

Community Services....

Economic Development ....

Social Services ...

The challenge here is to figure out the best use of our money.  Should we return some money to improve the level of preparedness?

Education starts with $14.592 million

WHAT IF?   one percent back to City Council

What if we add 5 elementary teachers and 5 high school teachers?

We can't improve the quality of the infrastrucutre.  it is maxed at 7.

What if we put 7% more in both Education projects?

We can still send 5% back to the city council.
and still have 1 million in surplus.

Proposed:  Should Education give back enough money for the rest of the town to use or should the town's city council reduce how much is put into the budget?

We started Period 0 with 91% of the budget used, or a 9% reserve.

Currently we have 1% reserve.   Should we have a town meeting and agree to look at "what if education returns 5% and that money is put into reserve or into needed disaster preparation?"

The question is
If education sends back $6 million or 5% of the budget, what shoudl city council do with that money?
a) put it in reserve (by committing only 94% of the budget)
b) send the money to disaster preparation?

Proposed -- the only time all of the citizens are in one place is during the start of the Period.  Can we make a 3-minute presentation and ask a short question:  Can we all think about how to best prepare for disaster?
Should we put money in reserve or should we invest as much as we can in disaster preparation?   (Sevens in All Categories)

What could CITY COUNCIL look like at the end of Period 3?
perhaps like this:  (if Education gives back 5%)


22 + 3% = 25%
29 + 3% =  32%

45 - 5% = 40%

1% = 1.2 million.   We could give Community and Social Services 
an extra $4.8 million to get things done?

Why not look at going to 37% for education?
Econ           4%
Community   26%
Social Services      33%
Education    37%

What will the numbers look if we increase 5 teachers in High and Elem (each)
and we put 7% in the university programs?

Answer;  9.8 million surplus
we can return 8% to the general fund.  
(8% x 1.2 million = 9.6 million)

I expect that the LAND we will sell in period 3 will cover the cost of living increase for period 4.

If $9.6 million goes back to City Council, $3,000,000 can go into the HOTEL option (number 2).

Period 3  Scenario  

Community Indicators 

The upward trend in the economy is exceeding all expectations! The New Year promises to be a boom time for the community’s economy. The willingness of corporations to invest can be attributed to the sharp increase in demand domestically and from abroad. 

Experts believe that: 

The gross national product will increase by 3%.

Investment will increase by 2%.

The cost of living will rise by 2%.

Wages and salaries will rise by 4%. 

As the economy is stable, it prompts the state to announce a sales tax increase by 1%. The general impact on the economy will be moderate, but small business owners are afraid that an increase in forced price could hurt sales. Good news is that a portion of the high sales tax will be available as additional funding to communities throughout the state.

Community Events 

Land is in great demand and the community is unable to meet the growing requirement. With an increase in lobbying, the City Council has been asked to actively sell a section of its own ground to control prices.  

Special Inputs

More and more incidences of gang-related violence have struck high schools in Centerville. Simultaneously, downtown-businesses are requesting an increasing presence on law enforcement. 

If $3 million goes into OPTION 2...

Newspaper results
Just Released....
City Council meets on Thursday, October 13, 2011 to discuss improving the quality of life in New Coyle City and arrives at consensus!

The major points were agreed on by your council members tonight:
1. 25% of land to be sold. This decision was based on the need to address quality issue in university, parks and recreation, and transportation sectors, as well as providing additional funding to increase police presence downtown to counteract the growing gang violence. 
2. Convention Center Option was voted on by the City Council Members in order to addresses the need to re-vitalize the downtown area.
3.The City Council jointly decided to reallocate the budget funds by 1% in the areas of Education and Economics in order to address the need to re-vitalize the downtown area and to increase police presence to aid in the decrease of  gang activity .

Your council members were hard at work and everyone exhibited a high level of community service by advocating for the entire community and not just their own sectors!!! 


The members of the third session believed in the same ideals as session 1 and 2. We continued investing in today, in the governance of the vision and mission of the city. 

Our rationales were as follows:
1)  Each city council representatives continued the act of transparency to reach the best plausible decision toward the growth of the city. 
2)  We communicated the hope and needs of raising the indexes of each sector to secure economic growth.
3)  We arrived readily to remedy the challenges of each of the sectors that will stifle economic growth. 

Period 3 council members continued with the rationales for investing NOW rather than later by utilizing emphasizing strategic budget allocation.
We wanted to provide Social Services with the resources to curtail the increase of reported gang violence, and secure the city future business investments, by giving an extra 2% allocation to the city budget. 
The Economic Board Sector provided a 25% sell of land increase for continued development of the city and unskilled workers. City council members also understand the need for not only land and security, but an educated pool to attract business investors. 
We took a 1% from Economic Board and Education Board Sectors budget allocation.
The global rationale can be found in our Vision and Mission statements:
 Coyle City exemplifies a commitment to the preservation of a high quality of life, an effervescent business community, environmental sensitivity and public safety and health while working hand-in-hand with residents and businesses.
 To develop a great city where the citizens are safe, prosperous, healthy and environmentally conscious.

There were significant differences of opinion, so the City Council Representative reconvened to address budget allocations. However, there was some discussion about the percentage of land to be sold for land increase for future business expansion and population development. Also, the city council members struggled between options 1 and 2 mandates for the city project.   

After all points were discussed, all members were in agreement.

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