Period 2 Education

Education is sitting in a good situation.   The cost of professional develoment has dropped to just over $500,000 per point.
Teachers cost more ($52,500 elem. and $54,600 high school) and we're expecting a 5% rise (combined inflation and pay hike)

Here's a lot of thinking...

How to calculate that 5% increase...

277 teachers x 49000 x 0.05  =    $678,650 

just for the elementary school, right?

252  x 51000 x 0.05 =  $642,600
high school

I didn't touch this box.  we left it at 1%, so the university quality didn't go up.   I suggest we put in 1% for both, that will be about $380,000 for each point.  ouch.

380,000     1% university in two places   >>> actual number is  $388,169  = 1%
about 2,081,000     ouch!   

that's before we increase the professional development of 539,080 or so...

We have to assume that the 5% is going to cost EDUCATION about $1.3 million.

So we need that much in the account at the end of the session.

The rest can be returned.

I think you can lower the percent that you have to allocate in city council

Since the budget in city council is around $80 million, one person is $800,000

So you can reduce education by 2% in city council... and still be ahead ... remember, hold  $1.3 million to cover the pay increases that are coming.


I did the "change one unit" and got the following numbers

one new elementary teacher  =   52,500
one new high school teacher  =    54, 600

increase in profes development =  539,080    cheaper than last session

quality of school   180,000    <<<< this is cheaper than last session.  It was  $270,000 before.  wow!
maybe we should up the level twice?  while it is cheap?

or will it be cheaper next session?

infrastructure improvement to level 7 of elementary school >>>  one point =  $5000   ha!   that's an easy call.

Add a few teachers (to improve our student teacher ratio...)
277 to 285 maybe    that will be 8 x 52,000 =  $416,000
252 to 260  maybe   that will be another   $450,000

I chose 8 teachers because that's 3% growth.


OPTION 3 will "stress city services"
we don't have the money to stress social services, right?

I'd rather put $300,000 into improving the quality of the schools one level.... and have money left for Option 2  $200,000

1.  Invest in upgrades (possibly up to 7 since we are flush)
2.  possibly raise two categories from 1% to 3% for higher education.
3. Propose that we support option 2 as the middle category
Ask city council to sell 50% of the land (we have to get rid of all of the land before the end of the cycle... why not sell while the city is expanding?)
4.  hire perhaps 8 more teachers in elem and 8 in high school.


SURPLUS   $7.4 million



LOOK AT WHAT OUR TOWN WILL GAIN if we spend $4 million on quality?

$3.2 million   

If we raise all levels to quality 7, we still have a surplus...

This is with 16 more teachers and increasing university to 3%