Letter to citizens in Session 1

  Dear citizens of our simulated town..

I am writing to you as the city council rep for Session 1 in the area of Education.

I'm sending this to you as a message so you don' t have to spend time downloading a powerpoint.   No pretty pictures, just text.



I have not communicated directly with the entire town, so I'm sending this message to future city council members.  I have had conversations with Sherry, Valerie Patterson and Val Hall, often by phone and text message because it is easier to  establish contact.   THAT'S TIP NUMBER ONE...

TIP 2:   POST information on a web page to aid communication.
Create a web page with your assumptions on it and forward that page to your colleagues when you are on city council.   it helps in communication.

I have attached links to help you see what the Education Sector sees.   


The general "Look" of the city council is shown with the screens on this webpage:

THIS PAGE shows the general condition of the city at the start of the session.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osbe4AgmE6I    Tuesday interaction of the Education Sector

Our city council discovered that there is some information that individual city council reps don't see in the other sectors, such as "What choices does the Education Sector see?"   

I hope you will contact me with questions 

The big question in the council was, how do we spend that surplus?  (Our budget totaled only 91% so we gave away 8% of your money to put into investments).

The general points appear below, but I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that working with Sherry, Val and Valerie was EASY!   PLus we had a surplus, so I have no idea what potential quarrels will have to be averted in future city council meetings.   My experience of this simulation so far has been coasting.   We split that 8% largely in Community and Social services because we need good bus service, we had infrastructure problems from the harsh winter and we had a deficit in Social services -- we need to keep law enforcement and fire department and public health well funded.

PLEASE BE CLEAR:  this is not a required communication.   you don't need to read this message, there are no additional points for sending this message.   We on the city council in Session 1 believe one way to ensure continuity and focus (helping our town achieve 7 quality points in every category) is to remain focused on total quality, not just the situation in our individual sector.  

we also had success because we got together and communicated.  If you want to hear some of the sessions, we posted some youtube videos.

REPORT TO CITY COUNCIL and to all of the city... 

The education sector sees our city as a leading light in the region, offering a full spectrum of features that make life enjoyable 

Education has a role in that spectrum 

Our city is a place where people can continue learning throughout their life 


Our education sector aims to provide opportunities for advancement through offering affordable education to its citizens.

Professional development is essential to ensure that our citizens remain up to speed with developments in a global economy.

Trends suggest that many people will have multiple careers and our sector aims to provide avenues for people to prepare for success in the global economy. 



our town faces an uncertain future.  We began this session knowing that other sectors face a deficit and a hard winter imposed unplanned maintenance.

10% Jobs brings expected pressure on our school system


Responses to challenges

We are lucky that the education sector began the period in surplus.  

We aim to maintain that surplus into the next session, holding back some funds to respond to the state mandate (if necessary)

We will press forward with a steady improvement of our resources, investing especially in professional development during this session – a large part of the discretionary use of limited funds.

We have decided to keep our teachers at 277 and 252...   We raised our quality of education and infrastructure.


Sharing information – we aim to tell others what's happening in our sector.  

Working together – we encourage each other to support each other in the coming tough times

Trusting each other – our education sector hopes that we will receive tips and suggestions from citizens.  We also expect other sectors to use resources to promote a balanced improvement in quality.



The Education Sector has appointed S. Milhorn to the second session.

We look forward to working with the city council in expanding the quality of educational services

We can delay implementing some improvements to serve the greater need of the city, particularly in meeting the need of the deficit in social services.


If you want to know what it's like to work "on and off" WIMBA, please check out our city council meeting for Tuesday Sept 6....
That's when we split the surplus  1 3 3 1  (8% of the money given largely to Community and Social services)

HERE are the key points in youtube, if you want to know what happened in our simulated city council meeting.   

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlWf1QkHZs4   City Council   Part A

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82H5RcuvIJE    part B
part c   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcRgtYAU6Gs

our EDUCATION SECTOR meeting was by three way calling and was video recorded 

We believe in transparency and continuity.  Please, in your decisions for the future, please stay the course.  we need constant investment.