A letter from City Council #4 to the entire city

When a city faces choices, it makes sense to ask all of the citizens to express opinions in selecting the best road ahead.   After all, we all "live" in this city.   This letter is our attempt to describe two possible futures -- and we hope that the road we choose in Period 4 will be supported by a common vision, leading us to clear choices in periods 5 and 6.

The first choice is about how much land to sell in years 4 and 5. ... the second choice is how to spend the surpluses (particularly the surpluses that seem to show up in the Education sector).

We sold 10 in year 1,  30% in year 2, and we sold 25% in year 3.  TOTAL = 65%
We will have 35% left...
A)  Should we sell 35% in year 4 and then 0% in year 5?
B)  Or should we sell 20% and 20% in year 5?
Should we get the best possible city by the end of Period 5 or by the end of Period 6?
Can we give as much land as possible to the Chinese manufacturer?

Where should we spend the surplus?    To answer this question, each of us needs to see what the individual sectors see.  You can go to sites.google.com/eddsteve2011/    
In the past each of us has focused on the needs of our individual sectors.   Even in city council, we have not seen what each single city council person sees.  

We have pulled together a guide to each sector.   Here is a list of the choices that we have to make and what each part costs.  

What are the categories in Education?
We have these costs
one new elementary teacher  =   $52,500
one new high school teacher  =    $54,600

increase in professional development =  539,080    
quality of school   180,000    
infrastructure improvement for elementary school >>>   $5000   

University Budget for Partnerships  1% of the Education budget 
University Budget for Outreach    1% of the Education budget
Those are our choices...

(this view was the situation back in session 2)

What are the categories in Econ Development?

What are the categories in Community Services?

What are the categories in Social Services?

We provide this information so that each citizen in our city can see the big picture and the details.   In general, the situation in Education is very solid.  The areas of Social Services and Community services may need more attention in Period 4.

1) Let's plan how much land we should sell in sessions 4 and 5... 
2) Let's discuss where the needs of the city are located. 

Please talk with your city council representative (Val, Val, Sherry and Steve) and with each other.  We welcome your suggestions.   


Val, Val, Sherry and Steve (Mac)

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