Education Choice Week 1

Education Sector Sept 6 meeting

33 136 792   TOTAL

29 067 735    Amount for education so far

surplus   4 069 057                          

the starting numbers
continuing ed   level 4

quality of K-Ed    level 4

Prof developt Level 4

Elem teachers    277

high school teacher   252

Budget for partnership proj   1%

budget for outreach project  1%

CHANGES  just one piece

33 136 792

29 067 735

surplus   4 069 057                                           

the starting numbers

prof devlopmt   level 4   >  5    surplus is       2 747  607              
difference   4 069 057
                    2   747 607
COST:        1  222  450   for ONE unit of Professional Development

quality of K-Ed    level 4 >  5    surplus is          3 799 057               
difference   4 069 057
                     3 799 057
COST:             270 000   one unit increase of Quality of K-Ed

Continuing ED  t Level 4 >  5    surplus is             4 057 057          
difference   4 069 057
                     4 057 057
COST:              12 000

Elem teachers    277 >  278    surplus is                 4 020 057      
difference   4 069 057
                     4 020 057
COST:              49 000

high school teacher   252 >  253    surplus is                 4 018 057        
difference   4 069 057
                     4 018 057
COST:              51,000

Qual of infrasturcture  ELEM schools  4 > 5                   4 061 557
Difference    4 069 057
                       4 061 557
COST:                   7 500

Quality of Infra   HIGH  schools     4 > 5                            4 061 557
Difference    4 069 057
                       4 061 557
COST:                   7 500

It doesn't cost much to improve the quality of infrastructure.

Professional development costs a lot.

Budget for partnership proj   1% >  2%    surplus is                     
difference   4 069 057

budget for outreach project  1% >  2%    surplus is                     
difference   4 069 057


The education department met on Tuesday 6 Sept. (in a phone session that was recorded and available for listening to via a youtube private video) to confirm the direction of the department -- which has an overall vision of improving quality... including:
-- should we pass on our budget surplus?  (we generally agree that we need to spend much of it)
-- should we invest the surplus in hiring teachers?  or other needs?
-- Alex D. asked that we find out if possible WHAT the state mandates as a student-teacher ratio.  It might be that our city already meets the required ratio... in which case hiring more teachers could be a poor use of dollars (which could have been spent improving building quality, for example).
-- what will be the impact of adding 10% to the workforce?  What will these new workers need from the schools (education for their children?  additional training?)
The Education Department is hopeful that there will be an increase in funding from City Council. 
There is agreement in our department that we don't know what will happen but a hurricane will probably hit us.  We therefore need to be aware of the need for the city to prepare.  We have voted to hold the surplus money unspent 
in case we don't need to reduce the student-teacher ratio.   We want to increase the levels of service and quality.
Because the cost of quality of infrastructure is low, we raised the service level in that variable by two steps.
More can be seen at  and at

What is the teams vision for the community? Have the team members participated with commitment and enthusiasm to meet the team goals?      
A team is more than a group of people. Working within boundaries, communicating, and making decisions within time lines to accomplish the tasks requires motivation and planning. In this section, you need to  describe your role in the team.

Since the City Council has the ability to plug in numbers for "what if?", that person has been the point person for sharing information.  

In this period, Alex has been forceful in keeping our team looking for data and also giving us flexibility for  moving ahead --  we need to proceed with decision making in the absence of solid data.

Steve Milhorn has ably served as the scribe for our mission statement and we have found a balance between investing now for anticipated future needs AND holding in reserve some funds for the mandated teacher/student ratio issue.    McCrea is grateful for the ample time that both Millhorn and Alex have given for analyzing the data that they are not able to manipulate.  McCrea set up a website to allow for analysis.  It was Milhorn and Alex who found the midpoint between using up the surplus and holding back to keep options open for the next session.


Dissent:  McCrea wanted to raise the professional development level two points (during a time of plenty).

It turned out that the slow and steady increase in quality is better.  

By investing in only one level of increase, there was sufficient surplus funds to help out the Social Services person when there was a new deficit found.

MAC would have liked to hire a few teachers "just to meet the increased need for teachers" (based on the increase in jobs in year 2), but that again can't give an accurate number at this time.   The focus on using dollars only to meet actual needs is a potential area of disagreement, with some of us wanting to guess about the future and others wanting to put the money in reserve, ready to be spent as the needs show themselves.


prepared by S. McCrea, council member


The education sector sees our city as a leading light in the region, offering a full spectrum of features that make life enjoyable 

Education has a role in that spectrum 

Our city is a place where people can continue learning throughout their life 


Our education sector aims to provide opportunities for advancement through offering affordable education to its citizens.

Profesional development is essential to ensure that our citizens remain up to speed with developments in a global economy.

Trends suggest that many people will have multiple careers and our sector aims to provide avenues for people to prepare for success in the global economy. 



our town faces an uncertain future.  We began this session knowing that other sectors face a deficit and a hard winter imposed unplanned maintenance.

10% Jobs brings expected pressure on our school system


Responses to challenges

We are lucky that the education sector began the period in surplus.  

We aim to maintain that surplus into the next session, holding back some funds to respond to the state mandate (if necessary)

We will press forward with a steady improvement of our resources, investing especially in professional development during this session – a large part of the discretionary use of limited funds.


Sharing information – we aim to tell others what's happening in our sector.  

Working together – we encourage each other to support each other in the coming tough times

Trusting each other – our education sector hopes that we will receive tips and suggestions from citizens.  We also expect other sectors to use resources to promote a balanced improvement in quality.



The Education Sector has appointed S. Milhorn to the second session.

We look forward to working with the city council in expanding the quality of educational services

We can delay implementing some improvements to serve the greater need of the city, particularly in meeting the need of the deficit in social services.