Taskstream E-Portfolio

Discussion in 9100 Leadership


In his recent book, Bryson (2011) discusses the importance of strategic planning in obtaining organizational goals and organizational effectiveness. Bryson (2011) argues that rapid change is affecting all sectors of society and that strategic planning is necessary in order for organizations to quickly translate planning into action. Strategic planning is not new to most institutions. It is certainly not new to my institution. However, up until recently, strategic planning and monitoring of the resulting objectives has been a labor intensive process that often resulted in many objectives not being fully met. Recognizing this, my institution recently implemented a strategic planning tool known as Taskstream (www.taskstream.com). Taskstream allows leaders to collaborate with their teams on the development of strategic plans and, more importantly, allows for a very simple and user friendly method of monitoring objective completion. Taskstream has allowed me to more effectively assure completion of the goals set by my institution, my team and myself and has help increase the performance of my division. Through this technology my division has become more successful and, in turn, I have become a more effective leader.


Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and non-profit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass Publishers.


  This is fascinating, Alex.   I've been looking for a way to manage portfolios of student work, and TaskStream has an eportfolio system.   Here are the topics:

Engage Students in the Learning Process

Promote Reflective Practice

Assess Higher-Order Skills Based on Work Products

Evaluate Work Easily and Review Results in Real Time

Build Electronic Exhibit Rooms to Demonstrate Effectiveness

This is a worthwhile product, not only for strategic planning level, but also at the classroom level.  Thanks for sharing this.  I am looking forward to learning more about e-portfolios.