EDD 9100 Leadership


Topic 2
Discussion topic: Find a vision or mission statement from the organization in which you work or an organization to which you have a personal connection. Critically analyze and reflect upon this statement. Does it appropriately reflect the direction of the organization? Would you agree that the organization does what the statement suggests? Describe the ways in which the statement is or is not a true reflection of the organization. Provide examples and additional information to support your positions.

MISSION?   Why not  listen to Dan Heath in his description of how to use the Vision statement.

use concrete language.


Mission statements are long on statement and short on mission.
They neglect to tell us "THIS MAKES US CARE"  -- this is why we show up to work.

the exxon statement does not answer WHY we are doing this...

Exxon does not mention why.

Topic 3
You are now involved in the first period of your simulation experience. How has your sector chosen to communicate? What made this a viable option for you? Did you choose more than one mode of communication and why? How did you reach this decision? What are the anticipated issues that you may face? Were there dissenting viewpoints, and if so, how were they addressed? What have you decided to do if a member can’t make a scheduled meeting?

Topic 4
Discussion topic: Describe and analyze the culture of your sector and discuss how you could improve upon it.

Topic 5
Discussion topic: Describe two situations that occurred in your workplace where political influences affected the organization, one in a positive and one in negative way. How did the leadership handle each?

Discussion Topic: Identify one new technology to which you have been recently exposed that you see as useful to enhance your leadership skills. Discuss why you chose this specific technology and its application in your personal leadership craft. If you do not have an example to use, research current technologies and find a new technology that may be applicable.

Topic 7
Discussion Topic: Identify a change situation within your organization and tell us why the process was or was not effective.

Topic 8
Discussion Topic: Describe an event that has occurred within the simulation that caused a disruption and the impact it had on your sector and Centerville.

Topic 9
Discussion topic: Discuss an incident or situation within your organization where, in your opinion, the authorities behaved unethically, what made it unethical?

Topic 10
Discussion Topic: How are policies created and adopted within your organization. Who is involved? Is there a process for evaluation of new policies? Is the evaluation process formal or informal?


End of term comments
The following suggestion comes because it is very successful in our ITDE classes.
In general, when there is a powerpoint presentation by students, we create and post our presentations and then each student is responsible for visiting the youtube presentations.
1.  some technical expertise involved (students have to know how to add audio or speak over the powerpoint)
2.  some people don't have time to watch 35 presentations...  in a concentrated time.
Suggestion for the future.   the powerpoints at the end are SO GOOD, with the collaboration and great production values.  Why not ask each person to bring their laptops so we can download the presentations on each other's laptops?   Then we can show these presentations to our colleagues at work and get more people in the education field learning about these important concepts.
Suggestion about including videos in presentations.   items can be shorter.  If there is a relevant video, don't subject everyone to listening to the expert for 4 minutes.   Ask us to visit his youtube video.  the performance of understanding or the book report/powerpoint is meant to be our work and I want to have more time listening to my colleagues, the future of our industry.   Suggested guideline:  video clips need to be under 30 seconds.  "REQUIRED WATCHING" might be helpful (if a clip is so good, send us an email with the link to youtube so we can watch it at home).   
WHY NOT WATCH THE POWERPOINTS AHEAD OF THE face to face CLASS?  I would have preferred that the presentations were ASYNCHRONOUS --   if we are in the room together, that's a time for INTERACTION.  The last day was largely passive reception of information which can be done effectively by presentations on youtube.   Concerns about copyright can be overcome by asking classmates to go to websites to see the photos or videos or relevant readings.      Use of copyrighted materials is okay if the youtube video is NOT public...   If there is a need to show a copyrighted work, why not just send us an email message and tell us to watch a video from minute 3 to minute 6 and tell us what to look for.    the powerpoint can be posted on youtube  and we students can watch the video before coming to class.
IN SHORT:  recommendation....  the final powerpoint report could be posted on a youtube site with each of us responsible for making time to watch the 30 presentations, so that we could arrive at the classroom and the presenter stands up, shows the slides and each of us in the audience is responsible for asking, "Yes, stop at slide 3.  I have a comment about this"  or "I have a comment.  I noticed that you mentioned the need to NOT use "BUT" in sentences, but here is a BUT on this slide.   Is this an error or is it an exception?"      In other words, ask students to present asynchronously (before) and then have interactive questions in the face to face class will make this a more vibrant day.   We could really get into discussions about "Have you thought about how to implement this idea in your classroom or in your office?"
ALSO, could each of the presenters post their powerpoints privately on slideshare.com so we can download them?   
By the way, great idea to show books at the end of the class.   .. and  thank you for the Tao of Leadership.  I'm enjoying the book