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Video for Systemic Change

About the Systemic Change group... 

A key article from 1994 by Charles Reigeluth and R. Finkle
Sources of inspiration:  Alvin Toffler  Future Shock and  Third Wave

Edutopia.org: You've been writing about our educational system for decades. What's the most pressing need in public education right now?

Alvin Toffler: Shut down the public education system.

That's pretty radical.

I'm roughly quoting Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, who said, "We don't need to reform the system; we need to replace the system."    Interview

From an article by Charles Reigeluth, 1994

Dan Pink (2001)  Description of the school in Chapter 15, Free Agent Nation.

We are living in the founding of what I call "free agent nation." Over the past decade, in nearly every industry and region, work has been undergoing perhaps its most significant transformation since Americans left the farm for the factory a century ago. Legions of Americans, and increasingly citizens of other countries as well, are abandoning one of the Industrial Revolution's most enduring legacies -- the "job" -- and forging new ways to work. They're becoming self-employed knowledge workers, proprietors of home-based businesses, temps and permatemps, freelancers and e-lancers, independent contractors and independent professionals, micropreneurs and infopreneurs, part-time consultants, interim executives, on-call troubleshooters, and full-time soloists.

In the U.S. today, more than 30 million workers -- nearly one-fourth of the American workforce -- are free agents. And many others who hold what are still nominally "jobs" are doing so under terms closer in spirit to free agency than to traditional employment. They're telecommuting. They're hopping from company to company. They're forming ventures that are legally their employers', but whose prospects depend largely on their own individual efforts.

In boom times, many free agents -- fed up with bad bosses and dysfunctional workplaces and yearning for freedom -- leapt into this new world. In leaner times, other people -- clobbered by layoffs, mergers, and downturns -- have been pushed. But these new independent workers are transforming the nation's social and economic future. Soon they will transform the nation's education system as well.

-- Dan Pink

Abraham Fischler (2006).  TheStudentIstheClass.com  
See his blog entry from July 2006.

Here is a short piece that I posted on books.google.com

In 2006, Abraham Fischler wrote about the "agrarian calendar" that runs schools. www.TheStudentIstheClass.com
In 2001 Dan Pink wrote about the same calendar in Free Agent Nation.But Charles Reigeluth and Robert Garfinkle discussed the situation in 1994, with a reference to Alvin Toffler 
If you are looking for a magic bullet to "tweak" public education and set schools on the right path, don't look here. Reigeluth and Finkle aim at transformation (Fischler's term) and school redesign (Stanford University's term), something that will change what most people remember about school. 
The phrase "systemic change" will become more and more associated with Reigeluth's work because a video project on youtube and a wordpress site systemicchange.wordpress.com are in the works. If you want to know the source of the commotion, look at this book, written in 1994.
I met Reigeluth at the AECT conference in November 2011 in Jacksonville and he appears to be a patient person -- 17 years after the appearance of his book. Look for innovative teacher training programs that help educators not only swim against the stream but also seek to change the direction of the river's flow. The system can be changed fundamentally ("systemic change")
Steve McCrea
GuideontheSide.com TheGuideontheSide@gmail.com 

For more information, go to 
-- from SystemicChange.wordpress.com

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Video project:  
What is Systemic Change?
School Redesign?

It's more than "reform."

Here are the questions to ask if you want to participate in the video project ...
Questions for Video
Questions - Projects category 
Why are you excited about systemic change in education?
Please describe the projects you are working on with regard to systemic change --- that get you excited?
What is systemic change? *****
How do you practice systemic change? Describe your involvement with systemic change:  consultant, researcher, practitioner, political, teacher of...
Please describe the products have you produced through your involvement? 
How have you made a difference in this field?
What is the value (benefit) of seeing things systemically? Policy maker? Administrator? Teacher?
What is the biggest challenge you face with your systemic change work? 
Many reform efforts have been labele as systemic:  No Child Left Behind, Charter Schools…How do you distinguish systemic change from thee other kinds of change?  ******************
Many reform efforts have been labelled as systemic: No Child Left Behind, Charter Schools... How do you distinguish systemic change from these other kinds of change? 
What is the value (benefit) of seeing things systemically?  Policy maker?  Administrator?  Teacher?  *****
What is the biggest challenge you face with your systemic change work?
Are there any examples of educational systemic change that have had positive results?
What could I do to understand educational systemic change better
If I want to make systemic change happen, how would I do that?
If I want to connect with others that are advocates of educational systemic change, How do I get involved?
What are some of the consequences of NOT thinking systemically? *****
What should we ask you that we did not?

In the field of systemic change what project are you excited about?
What are the challenges?


Release Form for Use of Photograph/Videotape
Division of Systemic Change 
Education and promotion of Systemic Change in Education
Release to the Systemic Change Division of AECT  
Release forms will be held by Beth Rajan Sockman Ph.D.
Department of Media Communication & Technology
East Stroudsburg University
200 Prospect St., East Stroudsburg, PA 18301-2999  
Please print:
Name of Participant: __________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
I hereby give my permission to the AECT Division of Systemic Change to use any photos or videotape material taken of myself during the video taping session at AECT Jacksonville, FL, 2011. The photos and videotape material will only be used for education, promotion and research purposes of systemic change and will not be sold for monetary gain. Portions of the video may appear on internet distribution channels.
Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ___________________