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Literature Review

my notes to my sub-group  (November 16, 2011)
I sent this note with my submission to my group... 
I didn’t put enough effort in my literature review to meet the many points that Dr. Schlosser mentioned in his lecture.  These are the points that I took notes about.   It sounds like a REALLY GOOD lit review looks at each item very carefully (and I haven’t seen any really good reviews, if that is the case)…  anyway, I thought I would pass this on to you to help you write your peer review…  I think there is always room for additional comments and you might get some more points by raising these points in your peer review.  I think Dr. O will be happy if we mention some of these phrases…
Checklist (based on Dr. Schlosser’s lecture about a literature review)
Focus and Scope
Rationale for the topic
Rationale for Selection of Sources
Mention the Limits of this literature review
Were the studies experimental or non-experimental?
Was there an intervention?
Quantitative  or qualitative
What were the treatment conditions?
Was there a discussion of  Cause and effect in non experimental studies?
How were variables used
Characteritstics of the sample of  participants
Evaluation of Sources
Analysis and Discussion
Describe landmark
Who are the important authors?
Who appears often in the literature of the subject? 
Common themes in the studies
Common Concerns
Differences among the studies
Conclusions and implications of the research  
The summary shouldn’t tell us anything new.  it's a summary....


Suggestions by Dr. Schlosser