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ISTE poster proposal June 2012

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This is what I aim at presenting...

 Learning Station Session—takes place in an open, public environment with multiple 
presentations taking place at once. Presenter(s) interact informally with attendees who visit 
their station. Length is two hours unless otherwise noted.
o Poster—content should focus on the implementation of a lesson, curriculum, 
technology, model, or project, or demonstrate a good electronic resource/tool or 
practice in teacher education or for securing or maintaining the technology 
o Global Collaboration Project—content should focus on curriculum/projects that 
involve collaborations between or among learners in different countries.o Student Showcase—content should focus on student work with K-12 students 
presenting their projects

Here is the proposal... 
Proposal Synopsis (Proposal ID# 70156668)

Category/Subcategory Selection

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  Category/SubcategoryLearning Station Session -- Poster

General Information

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  Session Title"Hearing" Videos: Helping Students Gain Access to Youtube via CDs
  Session DescriptionMany students don't have time to listen to recommended videos. Learn how to put together engaging take-home CDs (free samples for participants)
  Theme and StrandDigital-Age Teaching & Learning:Innovative Learning Technologies
  KeywordsYoutube, converting, videos, hearing, Audio CDs
  Primary URLGuideOnTheSide.com
  Exhibitor Status
  Commercial Content
  Recording Preferencerecordable
  Audience Focus PrimaryTeacher Educators/Higher Ed Faculty
  Audience Focus SecondaryTeachers
  Audience Grade LevelPK-12
  Audience Skill LevelBeginner
  Prerequisite SkillsAbility to ask a teenager to assist you.
Everything in the presentation can be done by a tech-savvy teen.
Finding a video link on youtube
  Platform Alerts
  NETS•S3, 5
  NETS•T1, 2, 4, 5
  NETS•A2, 3, 5
  Standards for Literacy
  Standards for EnglishSpeaking and Listening (K–5)
Speaking and Listening (6–12)
Language (K–5)
Language (6–12)
  Standards for Mathathmatics6–8
  Strategic ObjectivesIdentify

Equipment Information

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  Whiteboard RequestNo whiteboard needed
  Whiteboard Use

Proposal Summary

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  Purpose & Objectives
The purpose of this session is to give teachers an easy and effective way to engage students' attention and make the course content relevant to the students' lives.

We are told that we should lecture less and encourage students to learn in a modality that is comfortable to them. We are told to encourage many ways of learning and we should provide information in a variety of ways to meet those multiple ways of learning.

There are many useful videos on Youtube and other video-sharing platforms. How can we easily get that information into the classroom? How can we give students access to those materials so that students can absorb the information when they want to?

The purpose of this session is to use audio CDs (a 30-year-old technology) to make videos on the Internet (21st century technology) more accessible. Most students can gain access to youtube videos but few have the time or patience to listen to the entire video -- and, once heard, how can the video be reviewed offline?

What if the student doesn't have access to the Internet at home?
That's why the youtube video's audio track is transferred to the audio CD.

To engage the seven global skills described by Tony Wagner, I often don't create the compiled list of lectures -- I get students to recommend what shold go onto the audio CD (interspersed in the materials that I have selected).

For example, when I want to have students discuss the global economy, some of Dan Pink's presentations on youtube are easy to find -- and I sk students to recommend songs to drop between sections of Pink's points.

Three-quarters of my students come in the next week asking, "Where's the next CD?" 

  OutlinePoster will show the steps involved in creating the audio CDs. I will have stacks of CDs available to give away with samples of materials that are used in my lectures on the audio CDs.

My presentation will be given on video and placed on CDs that I plan to give to visitors to my poster.

  Supporting Research

Numerous articles advocate the use of video in the classroom:

Ideally I want my class time to be used for discussions and presentations so I can pull out and examine misconceptions in student work and thinking. Less lecturing by the teacher means more time for students to talk. How can I get the material presented to students with less time spent by me standing at the front of the class?

Dennis Yuzenas has used videos and audios in his lectures and project-based classroom work, described in www.WhatDoYaKnow.com. I have based this poster on a visit to Dennis Littky's school, where project-based learning uses audio content www.metcenter.org. I have shown some of these techniques in youtube videos that I produced. www.youtube.com/visualandactive.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gObPtRraY08 A video called "How to make a Training Audio CD"

  Presenter BackgroundI have taught English as a second language for 13 years, which is where I encountered students who requested additional materials for at-home, out-of-class self-study. I wanted them to have access to spoken materials to practice listening (items that could be rewound for repeated listening).

I hold a teaching certificate called CELTA Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adult through the Royal Society of Arts.

I have a duplicating machine in my home where I turn one master into three copies in about 7 minutes. in an hour I can create 24 copies of a master. This experience might be helpful for newbies that are looking for an easy way to integrate technology into the curriculum and the classroom.

  presenter_requestsI'd like to be able to give away examples of what I do to give them a sample of what it's like to go through one of my classes.

Proposal number:  
Proposal Synopsis (Proposal ID# 70156668)

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