EDD 8008

Discussion 1 -  Definition

Week 3:  Comments about "What is Instructional Technology?"

For this discussion, please read the following:

Spector, chapter 1: "Historical Foundations," by Molenda; Saettler, chapter 2: “Early Forerunners: Before 1900”; and chapter 3: “Beginnings of a Science and Technology of Instruction.”

Discussion about Behaviorism and Cognitive theories of learning

Discussion 4 about Constructivism

Discussion 5 - Hard Technologies

Discussion 6  Soft Technologies

Discussion 10  Instructional Design

Discussion (reading 54) and ethical studies

Discussion (Reading 55) Data Analysis

1 Association  FSTE

Association for Educational Communications and Technology
AECT   Conference 8-12 Nov. 2011  Tues to Saturday
Video project for SYSTEMIC CHANGE


Class Sessions
class session 2

Class Session 4    Associations
Associations that are not sufficiently related to Instructional Technology 

Class session 5   Conventions

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