Web Site 7007

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I think your website is complete, meaning it has all of the required elements.  However, it is not very visually appealing.  Please put some time into the color scheme and don't put so much on one page.  It may be better to includes links to files rather than posting them on one page.  It's hard for me to be critical because I'm not even close to where you are at the moment.  Well done.   -- N.

Action taken:  I made some columns.



HERE's the assignment

Web Site (10 points)

Extending the process begun with the PowerPoint slide and handout, create a multiple-page site, including the following:

On the main page

  • your name

  • your title

  • a photograph of yourself (or, if you prefer, another appropriate graphic)

  • a link to the e-mail account you regularly check

  • a link to your employer’s Web site (if applicable)

  • other content of your choice and as appropriate

On a second page, linked from the first, place links to your completed assignments for EDD 7007. Of course, you don’t have much EDD 7007 work to post to this page, but you can create placeholders for the time being.

The resulting website will serve as a starting point; throughout your program, you will add content and links to other pages. Most of your ITDE courses will have an online component and will require you to post a portion of your work to the Web. An entire class session will be devoted to explaining this assignment and showing examples of websites created by previous students. The instructor will not demonstrate how to create a website, but will identify useful resources.

Submit” your assignment by sending your instructor a Blackboard e-mail containing your website’s URL.

Website Grading Guidelines

The Website will be graded according to the following criteria:

Content (4 points)

Are the contents of the website appropriate?

Are the required elements included?

Design (4 points)

Is the website attractive?

Are text and graphics legible?

Functionality (2 points)

Do all hyperlinks function appropriately?

 To see the FRONT PAGE of the site, CLICK HERE