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I wrote to the creator of one of the cool projects that Dr. Schlosser showed us, and this is the reply (he explained how he uses a green screen)
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From: Robert MacLachlan <>
Date: July 28, 2011 8:07:30 AM EDT
Subject: Re: theEbookMan sent you a message: I found your teacherman video

Hi, Steve.

Please go ahead and use whatever stuff I have up.  

I'm afraid that arranging a skype chat in the coming days won't be possible for me, since I'm busy preparing to move to China this weekend!  Email will probably continue to be best for now, so ask any questions you may need answered for your project.  I used a flip camera, a green sheet, and Adobe Premiere Pro for the videos.  The music in the AEIOU thing is Glenn Gould playing Bach.  (I used this in the Hamlet as well.)  The music in the guiding principles thing is Oscar Peterson.  (I think I'm cool on copyright here, since these are purely educational, but I didn't bother attributing anywhere, since youtube can take things down for the slightest hint of conflict.)  The night sky image is a photograph available on the internet for which there's permission.   

I may be up-and-running by next week, so keep in touch if you have more questions.

Also, if you haven't done it already, you should join our Nova ITDE facebook group at .  If no one in your classes has announced this group, please also feel free to invite all your classmates to join.  The bigger we get, the better it will work!

You're right that CS showing my work is a compliment to be appreciated.  He has been very helpful to me a number of times in this program already.

Good luck and enjoy the rest of summer!