Feedback about the Website

Key point:  Layout is quirky, sort of stream of consciousness-ish. I’ll assume it’s intentional.

Reply:  yes, the open structure is intended to lead visitors away from the site into other areas.

EDD 7007: Website Feedback Form


Stephan McCrea




Content (4 points)

Are the contents of the Web page appropriate?

Are the required elements included?

Quite a lot of content on this Google Sites-based site. It’s all appropriate.

All required elements are included.


Design (4 points)

Is the website attractive?

Are text and graphics legible?

Text and graphics are legible.

Layout is quirky, sort of stream of consciousness-ish. I’ll assume it’s intentional. Easy enough to figure out, but it take a little while.


Functionality (2 points)

Do all hyperlinks function appropriately?

Everything seems to work as intended.




Additional comments

Web Site (10 points)

Extending the process begun with the PowerPoint slide and handout, modify your (default) NSU Web page* into a multiple-page site, including the following:

On the main page

  • Your name

  • Your title

  • A photograph of yourself (or, if you prefer, another appropriate graphic)

  • A link to the email account you regularly check

  • A link to your employer’s Web site (if applicable)

  • Other content of your choice and as appropriate

On a second page, linked from the first, place links to your completed assignments for EDD 7007 (Note: these links may be to your personal—non-NSU—Web site. This is often desirable because such Internet service providers generally allot far more server space to customers than NSU does to students.)

The resulting Web site will serve as a starting point; throughout your program, you will add content and links to other pages. Most of your ITDE courses will have an online component and will require you to post a portion of your work to the Web.

*In recognition of significant challenges associated with working with the NSU Web server, the requirement to use your NSU Web site will be waived.