Class Session 9 Teaching

Here is a key point: DT is DIFFERENT but many aspects of Distance Teaching are similar to good teaching in general.

This session covered these key points

COMMENT:  In project-based learning, learner autonomy and interdependence among learners are two qualities promoted by teachers who use projects effectively .....  In other words, features of good teaching are part of distance instruction, too.

Research suggests 20 students is optimal if the professor and students value interaction.

RESPONSE:  The expectations of students in DE are similar to good teaching in general.


The last frame was a wakeup -- I have watched two professors at Nova enter the world of distance teaching.  One has embraced technology, the other has fought it.

The techno embracer used websites ... learning how to use dreamweaver back in 1999.  His website is chock full of interesting pieces that reward students for wandering.

The techno rejector struggled with each stage of getting new technology for her class.   She hasn't tried to use the online media with her face to face classes.
The TR has recently asked for help from former students (she hasn't yet got the idea that there is 

She could benefit from some parts of EDD 7007 so she could see that just adopting the MEDIA is not the point.  She has to adapt her METHOD and modify the CONTENT to work with distance learning.   She is a persistent lecturer.  In class she has more artifacts, but when she does an online lecture, the powerpoint lacks some of the in-class content.   She might not realize how important those extra small items taht she brings in are (newspaper, brochures, larger scale maps,variety of map subjects.

In short, I have thought about improving my own distance teaching as an ESOL instructor and as a trainer of project based learning techniques.   Simply posting videos is not enough.  There needs to be additional aspects of good teaching (especially timely feedback and interaction).