Class Session 12 Research

The lecture on research stressed the importance of having a theory to drive the research.

Research answers a question.

The question comes from the theory.
"The theory of gravity tells us that objects fall together.  What happens if I am in space at a point where the pulls are theoretically equal.  Will I be motionless?"  That's a question that comes from a theory and research answers that question.
"Will students perform better when they teach each other how to use new software or when the teacher lectures them abou how to use the software?  The theory of Multiple Intelligences predicts that working with peers is a good way for some learners to learn, better than by listening to a lecture or reading a manual.   The research answers a question that comes from a theory.

RESEARCH DOES NOT CONCLUDE ANYTHING.  (there is always room for more research)
"Research does not prove anything."

Analysis of a theory is a tautology
Reflection:  a theory itself is an analysis of data, coming to a conclusion about what a preponderence of the evidence suggests.  The analysis lets us predict expected outputs that come from different input.  The theory or the analysis gives the foundation for us to make these predictions.