Class Session 6 7

Key points

Your point:  "Send me an email" is clunky.
Use Zoomerang or surveymonkey (or other free survey resources)

The reason I include questions that students can reply to by a phone call is to get REAL responses.  I am a visual and audio learner, and I prefer those methods of communication, too.  It might not be elemgant to get 

Littky talks about educating people one kid at a time.  Each person has an individual education plan -- and I find that the questions that I asked in the survey / evaluation were great.
I don't like Likert sclaes (rate your experience 1 to 5) because I want to know "it's 3 or 4 compared to what?"
I also don't like asking people to type responses when it's easier to talk.   I look forward to continuing to attempt to contain the viewer, but I see your point about how professional Mildred Roqueta's presentation looked with the 1-5 scale auto-popup survey at the end of each lesson.   

Breaking a presentation into chunks, followed by a quiz, is a good way to do teaching, according to Brainsmart,org, which recommends chunks less than 8 minutes long.

I think it is helpful to keep these web lessons up -- can the students be persuaded to migrate their lessons to a stable website if they leave Nova?

Here is the result that comes up with the survey:
The survey is embedded in the END of the camtasia movie.  The survey actually lets you add additional comments before the email goes out.  Slick.  not clunky.

mroqueta at mdc dot edu

Score = 0/0

1. a (Very Satisfied)
2. a (Very Satisfied)
3. b (Satisfied)
4. a (Very Satisfied)
5. I liked the survey that popped up automatically at the end of each lesson

cool lesson.   What program did you use for the survey at the end of the Camtasia?

I'm a student with Dr. Schlosser,  EDD 7007


The idea of using Inspiration and the story board is intriguing because it makes the lesson appear to be a series of episodes.
I had previously seen lessons as a flowchart, but why not make it more engaging and intriguing?  
"How do you draw in the viewer to the lesson?  How do you pique the viewer's interest and make the person participate in the lesson?"

example of a storyboard

Examples of past projects were helpful, especially the MacLachlan -- clever  use of acronyms  TEACHER MAN

Reflection:  I wonder if EDD 7007 students realize how helpful it is to see past examples.  I'mgoing to 

I suggest that deficient websites/projects should be included (I offer mine as an example, especially the first version of my lesson) so that 

I will maintain that site on Google Sites as long as it is free.

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