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When I entered the search terms "Nova University North Carolina" (after hearing about the "big trial" from Dr. Fischler), I found the following results...

  1. Borderless Higher Education: Challenges to Regulation ...
    by DJ Farrington - 2001 - Cited by 9 - Related articles
    Bruce Church 397 US 137 (1970); Nova University v Board of Governors of the Univer- sity of North Carolina267 S.E.2d 596 (N.C.Ct. App. 1980), affirmed 287 ... (N.C.1982); and discussion in W.A. Kaplin and B.A. Lee, The Law of Higher ...
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  2. Nova University v. Board of Governors of University of North Carolina 1
    Mar 3, 1982 – SUPREME COURT OF NORTH CAROLINA,Filed: March 3,1982,Exum,Powe, ... teaching in North Carolina by Nova University (herein "Nova") when the teaching leads to .... Hinshaw, 267 N.C. 136, 147 S.E.2d 902 (1966).
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    Appeals, 65 N.C. App. 262, 308 S.E.2d 898 (1983), reversing a declaratory judgment for plaintiff ... MAJESTIC for The North Carolina School Boards Association, amicus curiae. EXUM ..... Id. at 267, 308 S.E.2d at 903. IV. ..... (1977); accord, Nova University v. Board of Governors, 305 N.C. 156, 287 S.E.2d 872. (1982).

It is a clear sign that this law case is of fundamental importance.   Note the number of cites found.... and the prominence of the case in Farrington's article.

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