Potential allies

I found the following profile in an article in a Distance Learning journal ...
Piotr Konieczny is a PhD student at the Department of 
Sociology, University of Pittsburgh, where he is researching 
the decision making processes and organizational structure 
of Wikipedia. He is also one of over a thousand volunteer 
administrators of Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia 
Over the past two years he has became increasingly 
involved in theory and practice of teaching with new media. 
He is participating in the Wikiversity project, and has given a 
series of presentations about use of wikis and Wikipedia in 
teaching, most recently at the 2nd annual Wikimedia 
conference, Wikimania '06, where he participated in ‘Wikis in 
education’ track speaking on ‘Wikimedia projects as a 
teaching tool’.

I hope Dr. K. will contact me someday.   -- Steve

Dr. K., please contact me.   954 646 8246    EDDSteve@gmail.com