The workshop aims at discussing a series of concrete works which have shown how the EFC methodology is able to enlighten the complexity of financial, social and economic systems and provide a significant and effective impact on standard economic theories. The topics proposed will be heterogeneous but they all share the common ambition to provide a real comprehension of the complexity underlying our present economies in order to provide tools to support the design of better economic policies and eventually deliver better societal wealth.
Concrete examples of the topics which will be discussed are the complex pathways of development of countries, technological ecosystems, the networks determining how countries can innovate, finance beyond the standard economic vision, and so on.
This satellite will provide a broad and unique insight on the frontier of the scientific research beyond standard economic theories in social, economic, and financial systems. The participants will be able to attend to the presentations of leading scientists on these themes. In particular, this event has the ambition to give an outlook on concrete results of this pioneering discipline and will be focused on how it is possible to build effective bridges and foster spillovers between socio-economics and complexity and how this new economic thinking can rebuild macroeconomics.