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Complexity, innovation and the future of jobs

Author: Emanuele Pugliese


In a series of recent works we looked at the innovation system with the lens of Economic Fitness and Complexity, moving from the study of aggregate phenomena of innovation to a disaggregated view of the system arising from the interaction between the individual components. This required two changes: a shift in focus from how much countries innovate to which innovations countries do, and a shift in the framework from traditional linear analysis to a complex system approach. This line of research provided a complementary understanding of the effects of innovation with respect to other analysis: not just a one dimensional effect on GDP growth or productivity, but an evolutionary understanding of the changes in the system. In this presentation I will give some examples on how complex system analysis can provide policy relevant insights on questions like: Which jobs are being created by technological change, and which are being destroyed? How the economy will transform?  Where the future changes will happen?