MOUNTAIN EXPEDITIONS  in the NORTH WESTERN HIMALAYAS regionally known as the Kishtwar Himalayas

The Kishtwar Himalaya is a small subrange of the Himalayan mountain range, in the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. It is a dramatic range of steep rock and ice peaks with great local relief.This mountain range is an ideal location for exciting group mountain expeditions. The treks can vary from a soft hike admist the Himalayas to a moderate hike up the mountain, to a still challanging mountain experience. EXTREME HIMALAYAN ADVENTURES undertook "The Sapphire Trek expedition" in 2007, from the Kishtwar side to Ladakh side, to open the route after 16 years.


1. The Sapphire Trek:

Location:- The 15-18 day historical trek involves crossing the 5300 mts (>17490 feet) Omasi La pass from the lush green Kishtwar side to the arrid Zanskar side. En route are the world famous Sapphire mines and Machail village (of Machail Yatra). This historical route was taken by the famous Dogra genaral, General Zorawar Singh Khaluria, on his second Ladakh annexation campaign in 1834-35. 

Gist:- Days:- 15-18, demanding trek, Highest elevation 5300 mts, Poters & Ponies along, Guide, Cook, Equipment and logistical support will be provided, Ideal months- Mid May, June, July, August.

Organizing the Expedition:-The prepration for the expedition takes time and lots of effort, contact us for organizing the expedition.


2. The Arjuna Glacier Trek:

Location:- The Arjuna Peak is located in the Kishtwar district of Jammu province. The peak forms a part of the Bramha massif and is approachable from the Kishtawar a well as the Padder area. The 10 day trek leads to the base of the Arjuna peak. Half of the trek is in the alpine forest and the rest is on glacier. A great and challenging glacier experience

Bramha Massif:- The highest peak of the Kishtwar Himalayas is the, Bharanzar, or Sickle Moon, 6,574 m (21,568 ft) in elevation. One of its best-known peaks is Brammah I, 6,416 m (21,050 ft), climbed by Chris Bonington and Nick Estcourt in 1973.

Bramha is a mountain massif in the Kishtwar Himalaya of Jammu and Kashmir, east of the town of Kishtwar and near the border with Himachal Pradesh. It comprises four peaks, listed in order from west to east:

  • Brammah I, 6,416 m (21,050 ft), first ascent 1973
  • Flat Top, 6,103 m (20,023 ft), first ascent 1980
  • Brammah II, 6,485 m (21,276 ft), first ascent 1975
  • Arjuna, 6,230 m (20,439 ft), first ascent 1983

Note that Brammah II is the highest of the group, contrary to usual practice. While Brammah I is not the highest, it is the most dramatic, as it is situated at the western end of the massif, above a low base.

Gist:- 10 days trek, demandingtrek, excellent view of the peaks, glacier experience, all logistics and equipment provided by us.