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Vision of the church
Family of servants devoted to the Lord who know their place in ministry and whose hearts burn for salvation of the lost.

Our goal is a fellowship that lives by God’s intentions, serves with God’s gifts and grows by God’s growth in truth and love. The vision of the church has a biblical foundation in the New Testament, Apostle Paul’s letter to Ephesians (Ef 4.1-16)
We want that the word family may be the most apposite word describing our fellowship, where the mutual acceptance is of a very important value. We want that the church members find their places in the ministries where their gifts can be used best, and their ministry will be a joyful and fulfilling experience for them. However, we want that the most important thing may be the personal relationship of each member to Christ Jesus and growth of his spiritual maturity. But first of all, we want that all our ministries, our mutual fellowship, worship, witness and teaching may be permeated and shaped by the mission that the risen Jesus gave to his church. We want that everything may be influenced by Jesus’ passion for salvation of the perishing.

Mission of the church
To wake desire for the life in Christ and develop gifts in service to both the church and world. 

The one sentence gives a true picture of our Christian fellowship and mirrors important values we share with each other and want to share with all. A particularly important value is the free and informal solidarity that is generated in the atmosphere of love, faith and hope – in the atmosphere of the mutual acceptance. The solidarity creates space for sharing personal experiences with God, for mutual encouragement and building up. It also enables us to deepen and strengthen our spiritual lives and multiply our abilities and skills that we received or acquired as individuals. We long that the awareness of the mission may permanently permeate and shape entire life of our community – all our meetings, activities, projects. 

Church family 
Our community is made by persons of all age groups with prevailing young families with children. The church has 50 full members, almost 25 regular visitors among children and youth and about 10 other regular visitors, some of which are active in the church. 

We have a developed ministry to children in Sunday school (see bellow) and are developing ministry to youth where we expect a growing interest. The youth meetings take place in the Community Center Majak (see bellow). We have persons in the church who are young adults between 16 and 26. Besides regular meetings of the whole church, there is an opportunity in the church to meet in home groups (see bellow). Currently, there are 6 of them. 

Most of the church members went for a holiday together in summer 2011. It took place in the retreat center of the Czech UMC in the South Bohemia. It was a week in the nature which meant for us not only a rest but also an intensive fellowship with God and a chance to deepen mutual relationships. 

Regular meetings 
Prayer meeting on Sundays 9 a.m. 
Sunday service 10 a.m. 
(The first Sunday in the month takes place the Sunday service as a family service with a Holy Communion and a following church lunch.) 
Children’s Sunday school 10:30 a.m 
Home groups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in various times 

Besides the regular meetings, the church organizes spring and fall field trips of the Children Sunday school classes, where whole families can spend their time with relaxation and fun activities and further evenings of praises where the musical component of common worship prevails. We also prepare Friday prayer and praise meetings twice a month. 

Key ministries 
Church council
In the last period, the local church council is created besides the pastor by Jitka Cuhelova, Jaroslav Pajas, Bohumil Opocensky and Martin Pekny. We meet regularly every other week. At first meeting, we share our opinion of important issues in the church. The next one, we go through matters of organization and make decisions. 

Praise ministry
This ministry is ensured by several gifted musicians. The leader of the ministry is  Jaroslav Pajas. Recently, some children have become actively involved. The music style is current songs. 

Children’s Sunday school
The mission of the Children’s Sunday school is to participate in the building of relationship of children to God, his Word, to fellowship and seeking of ways of possible cooperation with families. The goal of the ministry are children for whom God is real, his word is valid and his house is a place where children like to come. 

The leader of the Children’s Sunday school is Ivana Sykorova . Together with her Jarda Trachta participate in the Children ministry. 

Among servants of our Children’s Sunday school, the desire was born to establish contact with servants of the Children’s Sunday school in Decatur. We are sure it is possible to share experience and insight acquired in children’s ministry. One of particular suggestions is to offer to families with school children the possibility to write letters with intention to find new friends in a foreign country and thus get the chance to practise English. 

Home groups
As it was written above, besides regular meeting at the whole church level, there is also a chance to meet in smaller home groups that have a unique meaning for the life of the community. Leaders of our five groups are Margrit Kunesova, Blanka Lamrova, Jaroslav Pajas and Jaroslava Novotna. 

The intimate and private ambience of a home group enables the members a very personal sharing of their experiences of the live with God. The group also offers the opportunity to formation and deepening of mutual relationships, to identification of gifts of individuals and to mutual service and support. 

Some members of our church are involved in activities of the Community Center Majak located in downtown Prague. The mission of Majak is to offer to children and youth educational, tuitional, activization and counseling services, in the amount and extent that the needs of the widest possible group of children and youth may be met. Majak wants to contribute to a healthy development of personalities of children and youth and be a living witness to Christ. A new director Jitka Cuhelova who took over this year is a member of our church. Other members are involved in the board of administration, in book keeping, in services of the Maternity center, and the pastor participates at youth meetings. 
http:// www.kcmajak.cz

Mission center Brana 

Church journal Vilovak
Members of the church can find important information in the journal Vilovak every month. 

Web site of the church
We have new web page on the Google servers.
Web site is available in the Czech.