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Simple Past

(Past Simple of Regular Verbs)

(Past Simple of Irregular Verbs)
BBC/Starship- "Blast the Rocket"

(Regular/Irregular Verbs)



(Interactive Book by Mrs Haquet)
SpeedWord- Past Tense

English Exercises- "Past Simple"

Groove to English- "Biography Timeline"

ESL Games- "Walk the Plank"
(Present and Past Tenses)

British Council- "The Lantern" Audio Book 
(a Ramadan story)


British Council- "Gran´s fishing trip" 

Bradley´s Matching Pairs-
Irrregular Past Tense

JigWord-Bradley´s English School

ESL Games- "Irregular Past Quiz Show"


Wiki Saber- The Past

English Grammar Lessons

 English Grammar Lessons

English Grammar Games