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About us

We are Aurora Jove and Luz Pérez, teachers of English at "Ponte dos Brozos" State Primary School, in Arteixo, industrial town in A Coruña Province, Galicia, Northwestern Spain. 

To keep our students' interest in learning English, "fun" is one of our most important factors. Therefore, this website is focused on the learner (the kids), not the teacher.

We take part in the educational project "Ponte dos Brozos Project" that introduces the Technology as a teaching tool in the classroom. 

We also recommend you to visit our websites:
  •  "Web Tools For Kids" where you can find plenty of free web applications for your blogs.
  • "Topics For Kids" where you can find lots of amazing online activities, word games, exercises, quizzes, songs, videos, e-books and other resources to learn basic vocabulary about English topics.