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Dear colleagues,

In the light of our mission to build institutional ties both within Eastern Europe and with all other regions, especially in Europe, we encourage all members and their departments to prepare and sign Erasmus Agreements with colleagues from other institutions. In addition to the research and study benefits, the Erasmus programme is a great opportunity for us to have local member meetings which will strengthen the community and will allow everyone to play an active role in EENPS activities.

Erasmus Programme offers the funding for higher education institutions to send students and staff abroad (in other Programme countries or other Partner countries) to study, teach, or train at participating institutions, as well as to participate in a traineeship.

The Erasmus Mobility Programme for Higher Education is available to all Higher Education Institutions (HEI) within EU which have signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and to higher institutions from partner countries, which have signed Inter-institutional Agreement. It is almost certain that your institution has already signed the ECHE and also that it has an Erasmus office which manages the Agreements and which will work with you along the process.

Mobility Agreements for visiting are signed under the Erasmus + Key Action 1: Mobility of individuals in the field of education and training. The application process is managed by the relevant National Agency on an annual basis. According to the Erasmus Call for Proposals 2017 the institutional deadline established for Key Action 1 is 2 February 2017. The activities for staff mobility should be agreed on, in advance, by both the sending and the receiving institution in an Inter-institutional agreement. You may find information about the application here: ,

The details of application are also described in the Erasmus + Programme Guide 2017, available here:

After an Inter-institutional Agreement is signed and registered, individual academics from both institutions may apply for visiting the partner’s organization following the internal procedures of their institution. General information about the conditions of visiting is available here:


Funding framework: Erasmus Agreements

Deadlines: 2 February 2017.

Erasmus Programme Guide 2017: