I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at the National University of Singapore. My research interests are in development and labor economics, with a particular focus on labor-market frictions, social program participation, migration decisions, and the impact of behavioral biases on individual decision-making. My work includes field experiments in contexts ranging from job-search and migration in the rural Philippines to health-insurance decisions in the United States.

Curriculum Vitae  (August 2015)

Working Papers:
  • "Do Job Fairs Matter? Experimental Evidence from the Philippines." (August 2015, second revision requested, Journal of Development Economics).
  • "Perceived Returns and Job-Search Selection." 
Work in Progress:
  • "Barriers to Medicaid Participation among Immigrants: A Randomized Experiment," with Tara Watson and Dean Yang
  • "Does Age at Marriage Affect Marital Stability? The Case of the Midnight Marriages,” with Martha Bailey and Anna Wentz.
  • "Demographic Transitions in Asia: Impacts on Resource Allocation and Human Capital Investment," with Slesh Shrestha.