I am interested in comparative research methodology, for which I have developed an R package called QCA, started in 2007 while visiting the COMPASSS centre in Belgium.

QCA stands for Qualitative Comparative Analysis, a formal methodology between the qualitative and quantitative analysis based on a small number of cases, developed by Charles Ragin (more information on his QCA page).

The QCA package in R, version 2.4 contains an exact implementation that does the same thing as the Quine-McCluskey algorithm, only faster and accepts more input variables because it's based on a mathematical approach. The algorithm is described in a series of two successive articles, published both on the Working Papers section from the COMPASSS website and also as proper journal articles:
1. A mathematial approach to the boolean minimization problem
2. Enhancing Quine-McCluskey

When used in research, the package should be cited as follows:

Duşa, Adrian - 2007. User manual for the QCA(GUI) package in R, Journal of Business Research 60(5), 576-586.

There is also a graphical user interface in the companion package QCAGUI version 2.4, and I am working on an updated, yet work in progress user manual written with bookdown.

As the President of RODA, I am involved in the CESSDA - Council of European Social Science Data Archives network, which aims to strengthen the network of European data archives seen as a large infrastructure that is critical to social science research.

In 2007 I was also appointed in the CRIC - Romanian Committee for Research Infrastructures, by the National Authority for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education and Research. From 2008 I am an ESFRI delegate, and in 2011 I was elected as Chair of the Social & Cultural Innovation Strategy Working Group.

A more complete list of my research activities can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.

Adrian Dusa,
Oct 7, 2016, 12:15 AM