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President's Message - Rod Harris

posted Nov 12, 2016, 11:32 AM by Rod Harris

It is my pleasure to serve as your Association president for a second term for the upcoming 2016-2017 fiscal year!  Thank you for your confidence.  At the recommendation of the homeowners who participated in our annual meeting, we are reinstating a newsletter to keep you all in better touch with the goings on in Association matters and, as appropriate, in the subdivision.  This is our first effort in that regard.  Look for another installment in the Spring of 2017!

I must apologize to all for our late finish to the fiscal year.  We got our annual dues billing out late, and were tardy in our deposits of your checks once received.  We pledge to be more timely in our efforts next summer.  If any good came out of the delay, it is in my confidence in the fiscal responsibility of many of you who were carefully monitoring our billing process and inquiring on the status of your deposits!

In this fall newsletter, Andy provides our thoughts on next year’s maintenance and improvement initiatives, Karen provides a status of our financial condition, Lisa provides some highlights of the annual meeting and Fred summarizes a township meeting relating to the new Montebello Estates subdivision underway on our 9 Mile border. 

Before signing off, I would like to advise you of a change in the Board which took place after the annual meeting.  Chase Chandler, who acted as your faithful Treasurer for over six years, recognized that his family situation has changed significantly since he first volunteered for the job.  He now has three children in the family – all of whom arrived after he started as Treasurer.  Karen Harris, a past Treasurer, was kind enough to volunteer for the job and give Chase a badly needed break.  We thank Chase for his service and dedication over the last six years!