Nithsdale Rosebowl League

This is the main competition, and runs from September to early January

League Cup

This follows on from the League, with the same teams, and consists of section games followed by semi-finals and a final, running from January to March

Challenge Quaich 

The cup competition is Knockout, and starts in January

Bank of Scotland Pairs

The Pairs competition is Knockout, and runs in March

Gold Cup

End of Season Bonspiel where the highest up team wins

Rainey Cup

A Senior Junior Bonspiel held in December, set up for the dicentenary celebrations, and now defunct.

Rowly Powly Cup

A mixed Knockout Competition open to any club, set up for the dicentenary celebrations, and now an annual event.

Hogg Points Cup

Everyone's chance to show how it should be done. Individual curlers attempt various disciplines.

Kangaroo League

 A fun competition for the skips who can't play in the Gold Cup

Kangaroo Cup

A Knockout competition for the Kangaroo teams

Mixed Doubles

Instigated in 2019 to give curlers a chance to try the new format, a Knockout Competition