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Club Rules

1.    If a player is unable to play in a game they are scheduled to play in, it is their responsibility to find a replacement, and to inform their skip who it is. All subs to be members of the club.

2.    Anyone who fails to turn up for a game they are scheduled to play will be responsible for paying the ice charges due.

3.    Any team with one player short shall concede 1 shot every ten minutes they are short, to a maximum of 3 shots. (1/2 hour). These shots shall be marked on the scorecard by the skip of the offending rink, and added to the score at the end of the game.

4.    Fill in a scorecard for all games and return to Secretary.

5.    All games to be played using FREE GUARD ZONE rule.

6.    Subs rule as per RCCC, Sub cannot play higher than person being subbed for.

7.    All pairs games to be 6 ends or time, whichever comes first. If level at the end of the game, if the bell has not gone play an extra end, otherwise skips to draw the shot.

8.    All other rules as per RCCC