Recent Updates

 01/12/2013"Electrical Spin Injection using GaCrN in a GaN based Spin Light Emitting Diode" accepted for publication.
 13/11/2013"Fermi-level depinning at metal/GaN interface by an insulating barrier" accepted for publication.
 17/09/2013        Mudassar joined the group
 15/12/2013Abhisekh Sharma joined the group.
 16/12/2013Akhil joined the group
 01/01/2014We have demonstrated that Fermi level pinning is dominant in metal/GaN based junctions. A thin layer of insulating MgO can help in depinning the Fermi level. The findings are important for any device which uses a Schottky contact. []
 08/08/2014We have proposed a new structure on how to improve performance of a GaN based RTD with polarization engineering. []