Dr. Tara RootAssociate Professor Water Analysis Lab ManagerDepartment of GeosciencesFlorida Atlantic Universitytroot@fau.edu

Research Summary

My research interests fall into the following categories 1) water chemistry, 2) groundwater-surface water interactions, and 3) water resources sustainability. My water chemistry research focuses on the use of chemistry as a tool for delineating water flow paths and characterizing surface water-groundwater interactions. I apply a combination of field, laboratory, and modeling techniques to explore the relationships between factors that influence water chemistry including biogeochemistry, geologic setting, and human activities. Another avenue of my research is sustainability of water resources. I am particularly interested in how climate change will impact the water cycle, water availability, and water quality. I also investigate human perceptions of water availability and water quality; the aim of this research is to inform water conservation policy and shed light on factors that affect public trust in the safety of water supplies.

Examples of Ongoing Projects

  • Examining the Relationships Between Socioeconomics and Drinking Water Quality: Identifying Inequities in Palm Beach County, FL

Funded by the Walter and Lalita Janke Innovations in Sustainability Science Research Fund

Student researcher: Meagan Weisner (Geosciences Ph.D. candidate)

  • Development and Application of Methods for Stable Water Isotope Sampling from Low Gradient Canals

Funded by the U.S. Geological Survey

Student researcher: Jesse Greathouse (Geosciences M.S. student)

  • Hydrologic Monitoring at Loxahatchee Slough Natural Area

A collaboration with the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resource Management Student researcher: Gino Garlaschi (Geosciences M.S. student)

Selected Publications

(*indicates student author)

Weisner, M.L.*, Root, T.L., Harris, M.S., Mitsova, D., and Liu, W., 2020. The complexities of trust between urban water utilities and the public. Sustainable Water Resources Management, 6:50.

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Book Reviews

Root, T.L., 2014. Review of Groundwater for the 21st Century: A Primer for Citizens of Planet Earth. Groundwater, 52:647-648.

Root, T.L., 2013. Book Review: Albert C. Hine, Geology History of Florida, Major Events that Formed the Sunshine State. The Florida Geographer 44, 54-55.

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