Research Projects Undertaken

Principal worker in AFMRC Projects: sudheer

  1. AFMRC 1531/85 "Detection of Hepatitis A Virus by Immune Electron Microscopy and detection of HAV antibody by ELISA test"

  2. AFMRC 1531/85 "Detection of Rubella antibody by Single Radial Haemolysis test".

  3. AFMRC 1752/88 "Lymphocyte markers (HLA Typing) in leprosy cases seen in Pune"

  4. AFMRC 1886/91 "Immunological studies in Rheumatoid Arthritis"

  5. AFMRC 1926/92 "Immunological and Clinical profile of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in Armed Forces"

  6. AFMRC 2115/96 "Evaluation of AIDS awareness and attitudinal changes of troops by preventive counseling".

Co-worker in AFMRC Projects :

    1. AFMRC 1593/86 "Tissue culture and electron microscopy as an aid to determination of histogenesis of tumours"

    2. AFMRC 1878/91 "The significance of clinical distinction between chronic amoebiasis and irritable bowel syndrome"

    3. AFMRC 1828/90 "Study of porphobilinogen deaminase and adenosine deaminase activity in lymphocytic leukemias" .

  1. AFMRC 1968/93 "Comparative study of indirect drug susceptibility tests for Mycobacterium tuberculosis".

  2. AFMRC 1830/ 91 Antibody titres to coxsackie B viruses and streptococci in acute rheumatic fever and acte reheumatic heart disease –A Correlative Study. LT.Col.NT.Ghokale, LT.Col. Vipinchandra & LT.Col.S.K.kher.

  3. AFMRC -1878/91 Clinical immunological colonoscopic and epidomological evaluation of choronic morbidity associated with recurrent bowel disturbances abdominal pain seen amongst the troops with a view to develop a rational theraputic strategy. LT.Col.Anand AC. LT.Col.SK.Kher, LT.Col.PS.Reddy.