Contact Information
Jihwan Kim's research and professional interests are in optics and photonics, especially on using liquid crystal and functional polymers to investigate and develop transformational diffractive optics and polarization-independent devices and systems, via experiment, theory, and simulation. Currently his research focuses on fundamental research for polarization holography and several applications including high-efficiency/portable liquid crystal displays, ultra-efficient energy directing/beam steering for high energy applications and laser communications, and VIS/IR hyperspectral imaging polarimetry.

As of early 2015, he works as Research Assistant Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at NC State University, and has published more than 20 refereed journal/conference papers and 2 patents (+3 pending).

Research Areas
Nanoelectronics and Photonics
(Including Nanotechnology, Optical Materials and Photonic Devices)
Communications and Signal Processing
(Including Digital Signal Processing, Image Analysis and Computer Vision)