Selected works - performances

Dragonpool (Fl. Vc. duration ca. 10’) London Sinfonietta State of the Nation RFH 1996.

Clarion Chant (Fl. Cl. Vln. Vc. duration ca. 8’) Psappha Cheltenham Festival 1997

Hadra (Pno. Cl. Vln. Vc. duration ca. 10’) Cobbett and Hurlstone prize, RCM 1999, New Perspectives Ensemble, Tim Murray cond.

The Ragged Rock (Fl. Cl. Perc. Vln. Vc. duration ca. 8’) Composers Ens., Christopher Austin, Hoxton Festival 1999

DA – New Perspectives Ensemble (15 players)/Simon Bainbridge 1999

Passion Music - for Orch. RCM Sinfonietta/Thomson, 2002. SPNM Shortlist 2001-2

Poems From The Late Tang (Sop. Ensemble, duration ca. 15’) RCM New Perspectives Ensemble, Claire Boothe, cond. Clement Power 2003 SPNM Shortlist 2003-4

Fabula – Russian tales (String Trio, duration ca. 10’) SPNM Shortlist 2004-5

Coda/Cadenza (2 Pianos, duration ca. 18’) Andrew Ball/James Young, 20th Sept. 2004, RCM (Now partially revised as Tre Attachi per due)

The Journey to the Wes
t - opera (6 soloists, small chorus, small orch. electronics, RCM DMus submission work. 2005

The Islands Inside (Fl. Dbl. Picc. A.Fl. Vln. Vla, Vc.)

Glass Bead Games Studies for Solo Piano

Dance for Kicks  – Dança Capoeira (Cl solo, Fl. Perc. Pno. Vln. Vla. Vc. Cb)
Lontano/Sparling/Martinez, South Bank, La Linea Festival 2005

Fox Flare – shakuhachi, sho, 13 string koto, shamishen, ob, Eb & Bass Cl. Vla. (for SPNM/Okeanos) 2006

Loves Oblique (Chor. Perc. Pno.) 2007

A Prenda (Fl. Cl. Pno. Vln. Vla. Vc. Cb) Lontano/Martinez, South Bank, La Linea Festival 2008

Prahlerei (Scherzo alla Marcia) for Orchestra, 2008

Ghost Quartet – String Quartet 2008/9

Letter by Starlight (Fl. Cl. Hp. Vln. Vla. Dbl B.) Lontano, Going Home’Project, South London Gallery, July 2010

Nocturne with Cloudscape (Solo Vln & Piano, String Quintet, duration c. 12’) London Schubert Players, Cluj Academy, Bucharest, studio of Romanian TV & Radio (Oct. 2010) Paris Cité de la Musique, RAM London (Nov 2010)

Concerto for 12 (Fl. Ob. CA. Bass. Hrn. Tpt. Pno. Vln. Vla. Vc. Dbl. Duration c. 18’.) Thomas Gould and friends, cond. Edwin Roxburgh, London RAM November, 2011

Nacht und Nebel (two accordions, duration c. 9’) Tintea, Romania July 2012 (Published by Edition Avantus)

Doux Fauves 3 pieces on themes of Django Reinhardt (piano quintet + flute and clarinet in No. 3)
1. Tears/Rythme Futur 2. Nuages/Hungaria  3. Minor Swing/Troublant Bolero) Tears 5th. October 2013 Oxford Chamber Music Festival

Reliquary In Memoriam Constantin Silvestri (oboe and piano) Aurel and Octavia Marc, Rumanian Cultural Institute, 4th October 2013


Opera as Theatre (RCM Doctoral Thesis looking at Chinese and Japanese Music Theatre) 2006

Professor Gautier’s Hypothesis an opera libretto

Illustration for Professor Gautier's Hypothesis