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Fire: consumes and warms, illuminates, inspiration, danger and hell - spiritual enlightenment, sexuality and also fertility.

Grass or Reeds – growth, renewal cycle of life

Fish Scales – protection, or barrier

Winding Path - "meandering streams"; "rambling forest paths"; "the river followed its wandering course"; "a winding country road"meandering, wandering, rambling indirect - not direct in spatial dimension; not leading by a straight line or course to a destination; "sometimes taking an indirect path saves time.”

CIRCLE: (sun disc, sacred hoop, ring): An ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, female power, and the sun. feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualized Mother Earth, and a sacred space

SPIRAL: Linked to the circle. Ancient symbol of the goddess, the womb, fertility, feminine serpent force, continual change, and the evolution of the universe. (Illustrated at this website) A common shape in nature (snail, shells, fingerprint...)Double SPIRAL: Linked to earth-centered or   mystical faith in a blend of evolution and devolution -- decay/renewal, life/death/rebirth, spiritual/physical.

SQUARE:  the physical world. While the circle and spiral symbolize female sexuality in many earth-centered cultures, the square represents male qualities.