The platform grant is used to organise and support a wide range of events and activities - including:

Distinguished Visitors

An important part of the platform grant is that it it used to invite distinguished international visitors to visit one or more of the sites. Visitors include:
  • Andrew Aberdein
  • Jean-Raymond Abrial
  • Ewen Denney
  • Szymon Klarman
  • Christoph Luth
  • Colin O'Halloran
  • Graham Steel
  • Dan Ventura
  • Makarius Wenzel 

Events Calendar

Friends of the Grant

The group has long time collaborations with several groups and individuals, including:
  • Ursula Martin (Oxford)
  • Colin O'Halloran (Oxford / DrisQ)
  • Stephen Muggleton (Imperial)
  • DFKI Bremen/Saarbrucken
  • Katya Komendantskaya (Dundee)
  • Alison Pease (Dundee)  
  • Moa Johansson (Chalmers)
  • Cliff Jones (Newcastle)
  • Leo Freitas (Newcastle)
  • Ewen Denney (NASA)
  • J Strother Moore (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Aleks Kissinger (Oxford)