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Watching out for addiction problems in today’s pandemic

posted Nov 30, 2020, 9:55 AM by Dr. Curtis Cripe

The path of recovering drug addicts will always be an uphill climb for a significant part of their lives. Like Dr. Curtis Cripe, professionals in the field are concerned with how they are doing in today’s pandemic situation.

A lot of misfortunes have resulted from COVID-19. To name a few, the world is dealing with job loss, loneliness in isolation, and even the overpowering fear of being infected by the virus. These situations have hugely changed the average person. People have been forced to think of creative ways to find some sense of comfort.

If regular people are having a tough time, you can imagine how much more difficult it is for those recovering from drug addiction, notes Dr. Curtis Cripe. People need to understand that a drug addict got into drugs in the first place because they were trying to find comfort, too. The reality in a drug dependent’s life is that they find comfort in taking in addictive substances. Unfortunately, a drug addict will always find the temptation to take drugs very challenging, which gets worse during this unfortunate pandemic.

More than ever, Dr. Curtis Cripe urges all friends and family members to check up on loved ones they know to be drug dependents. Especially those who are in the middle of recovery are worth checking up on, too. This pandemic is just too tough to deal with that we will all need to help each other out when we can.

Dr. Curtis Cripe has a diverse background in neuroengineering, aerospace engineering, psychology, psychophysiology, software development and programming, addiction recovery, brain injury, and child neurodevelopment. He currently heads the Research and Development Division of NTL Group, for advanced technology for brain and cognitive repair. He is certified as an INPP instructor for brain development. For more information, visit this page.