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The Need For a Complete And Comprehensive Brain Analysis

posted Jun 29, 2016, 4:08 AM by Dr. Curtis Cripe

The importance of the brain cannot be stated enough. It controls one’s daily living by commanding an individual’s every thought and action. A brain not functioning optimally can greatly affect cognitive function and emotional abilities of any human being. Medically caring for the brain should, therefore, be a priority.

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Just as no two individuals are alike, neither are two brains. An objective and comprehensive assessment of brain function should be done to gain insight into what actually occurs inside the brain. The problems can be determined, and a valid solution can be created using data and evidence gathered from measurable, scientific-based techniques.

NTLgroup® is a team of researchers and healthcare professionals united by the purpose of help people with brain dysfunctions through cutting-edge programs, processes, and cognitive rehabilitative techniques. One such program is the patented NeuroEvalTM.

NeuroEvalTM is a multi-tiered analysis of quantified measurements of over 300 dimensions of brain activities. It provides a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s neuro-function, cognitive development, and inter-relationship of the brain systems. The analysis is done through neuro-electric imaging methods and modalities, or to simply put, by taking a snapshot of the brain.

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This results in the knowledge of where and why there is a disconnect or dysfunction in the brain. The data allow the healthcare professionals to diagnose what specially designed programs the patient need to overcome those deficits.

To read more about Dr. Curtis Cripe’s work as a neuroengineer and as the research and development director of the NTLgroup®, visit this website.